Sergey Letov

Born: September 24, 1856    Primary Instrument: Saxophone

Sergey Letov

Sergey Letov was born in Semipalatinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan, in 1956 and then lived in Omsk, Siberia, where lived his brother Egor Letov (1964 - 2008). Sergey Letov resides in Moscow region since 1975.

First public performance as a soloist with Percussion Ensemble of Mark Pekarsky took place in The Central House of Artist in 1982 in Moscow .

1983-1993 - collaboration with Sergey Kuryokhin (duo, combo and big band POP MECHANICS). Concerts with POP-MECHANICS and Sergey Kuryokhin - all over Soviet Union, Finland, Italy, France, Denmark. Since 1986 - collaboration with the Gypsy singer Valentina Ponomareva. Duo Ponomareva-Letov performed in USSR, Switzerland....
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