Yuriy Yaremchuk

Born: June 18, 1951    Primary Instrument: Reeds

Yuriy Yaremchuk

“Music embraces the whole spectrum of human emotions. We represent the music of certain states, of captured and organized chance incidents, of interplay of forms and structures; music without limits”.
Yuriy Yaremchuk

Yaremchuk Yuriy Grigorevich was born in 1951 in Novokuznetsk (Russia). Today he resides in Lviv, Ukraine. In 1978 he completed the Saxophone Class at Jazz Performance Department at Rostov Institute of Art. He performed in Kim Nazaretov’s big band as an instrumentalist. Yaremchuk is both a composer and an instrumentalist; he plays tenor-sax, soprano-sax, clarinet, percussion, piano; he is a master of voice performance as well. He is working in different genres (free jazz, contemporary music, improvised music), contemporary technique of sax play (multiphone, slap, double staccato). He can be recognized by his bright sound and brisk technique; in his solo concerts he prefers free improvisation with the use of contemporary playing technique. His music has sufficient rhythm and melody; it is full of humor and philosophy. Yuriy Yaremchuk wrote music for theater, participated in numerous avant-garde performances with artists, actors and modern dancers....
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  2. REMINISCENSE / Yuriy Yaremtchuk; Рentagramma, Moscow 1998
  3. CONTRASTS / Yuriy Yaremtchuk; Рentagramma, Moscow 1998
  4. CORPUS DELICTI / Post-erotic Art Photography. Music by Yuriy Yaremtchuk solo; Kiev 1998
  5. CLOSED MOUNTAINS / Yuriy Yaremtchuk — Christophe Rocher; Landy Star — Jazzland LS-012-2000 J07, Moscow 2000
  6. DUETS YAREMTCHUK / Yuriy Yaremtchuk; Landy Star - Jazzland LS-021-01J12, Moscow 2001
  7. HOMO LUDENS / Music by Yuriy Yaremtchuk and Natalka Polovinka; Long arms records Moscow.
  8. CONTAMINATED SOUND / Oleksandr Nesterov, Ensemble Authentic Singing -Drevo, Yurij Yaremtchuk, Serhiy Khmeliov; Symphokafe, Kiev 2001
  9. MIRROR / A. Nesterov & Y. Yaremtchuk; Recorded 1990; Symphokafe, Kiev 2001
  10. JURASSIC PERIOD / Second Approach & Yuriy Yaremtchuk; Dialog Music DM-80016 J24, Moscow 2002
  11. SAX-MAFIA / Recorded Culture Center DOM; HOR Records hcd-078, Moscow 2003
  12. DANCES / Y. Yaremtchuk, S. Zelenskiy & 3YAR; 3YAR Records, Lviv 2003
  13. IMPROVISATIONS / Y. Yaremtchuk, S. Zelenskiy & 3YAR; 3YAR Records, Lviv 2003
  14. FIGURES / Y. Yaremtchuk & S. Zelenskiy; Recorded in Lviv 2002 Hram SV; Long Arms, Moscow 2004
  15. SEVEN DREAMS / Yuriy Yaremtchuk & 3YAR; 3YAR Records, Lviv 2004
  16. NINE MEDITATIONS / Yuriy Yaremtchuk; 3YAR Records, Lviv 2004
  17. SOLO WORKS Ten Compositions / Yuriy Yaremtchuk; 3YAR Records, Lviv 2004
  18. PREPARED PIANO AND SOPRANO SAXOPHONE / A. Nesterov & Y. Yaremtchuk; Dzz Studio, Kiev 1994 (Remastering 3YAR Records, Lviv 2004)
  19. ETUDES 1994-2004 / Yuriy Yaremtchuk; 3YAR Records, Lviv 2004
  20. LABYRINTH OF STRUKTURES / Y. Yaremtchuk, M.Tokar & S. Zelenskij; 3YAR Records, Lviv 2004
  21. LABYRINTH OF STRUKTURES II / Y. Yaremtchuk, M.Tokar & S. Zelenskij; 3YAR Records, Lviv 2004
  22. MUSICAL POEMS / Yuriy Yaremtchuk; 3YAR Records, Lviv 2004
  23. SUITE / Y. Yaremtchuk & M. Tokar; 3YAR Records, Lviv 2004
  24. AFTER DUET / Y. Yaremchuk & S. Zelenskiy; 3YAR Records, Lviv 2005
  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY / Y. Yaremchuk & M. Tokar; 3YAR Records, Lviv 2005
  27. INSPIRATIONS / Y. Yaremchuk & M. Tokar; 3YAR Records, Lviv 2006
  28. NOT ZERO / Y. Yaremchuk & A. Arnautov; 3YAR Records, Kiev 2007
  29. DEDIKATION TO ALEKSANDR NESTEROV 3yar studio 03.11.2007 Lviv
  30. YATOKU Yuriy Yaremchuk, Mark Tokar, Klaus Kugel, NOT – TWO recordsmw782-2 2007. Poland Krakow
  31. FIVE SPOT POLTVA Roberta Piket, Klaus Kugel, Pyatras Vishnauskas, Yuriy Yaremchuk,Mark Tokar. Solid Records Moskow Russia. 2008
  32. REZONANS Ken Vandermark projekt NOT-TWO records Poland Krakow. 2008.
  33. ANATOMY OF SOUND – Y.Yaremchuk A.Lapin Solid Records Russia Moskow 2010.

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