Vlad Makarov

Born: December 11, 1950    Primary Instrument: Cello

Vlad Makarov

Vlad Makarov is the free improv musician, painter and improviser cello & guitar. He is the pioneer of Russian new improvised music and Russian alternative art. From the different styles; free improvisation, contemporary classic, new jazz, avant-rock, experimental, noise, electro-acoustic music. Makarov’s aesthetic is not postmodernism but the authentic own language for making the art whole. Makarov as a musician follows the aesthetic creed of free improvised music. He has developed his own structural method and style of improvisation. His music filled emotional pressure of the tragic freedom. ...
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  • 1. Document. New music from Russia. The 80-s. Leo Records CD LR 80
  • 2. Golden Years of Soviet New Jazz vol.III Leo Records CD GY 409/412 2002
  • 3. Valentina Ponomareva. Iskushenie. Melodia C60-28293 (LP)
  • 4. Kings & cabbages. Moscow Composers Orchestra. Leo Records Laboratory Leo Lab CD 005 (CD)
  • 5. Moscow Composers Orchestra & Sainkho. Life at City Garden. U- Sound UD 95027 (CD)
  • 6. Outbursts. Quartet Miller-Makarov-Yudenich- Letov/Sivkov. Ascension Music (MC)
  • 7. Hagen Studio Trio. Makarov-Hirt-Verborg. Ton-Studio (MC)
  • 8. Space-Mythology-Silence. Makarov-Yudenich Duo. Europe+ Studio (MC)
  • 9. Hot Summer in Berlin. V.Makarov - P. Schwingenschloegl - E. Makarov. Extra Records 001 (CD-R)
  • 10. Live in Mudd Club. V.Makarov - P. Schwingenschloegl - E. Makarov. Extra Records 002 (CD-R)
  • 11. Music out of Time. Makarov - Gayvoronsky - Rubanov. Mar Art 009 (CD-R)
  • 12. Music not in itself. Makarov - Aigui - Sivkov - Boys Band Trio. Mar Art 010 (CD-R)
  • 13. Pushkin Vigil. Makarov - Rubanov - Runovskaya - Davydov. Mar Art 005 (CD-R)
  • 14. Invitation to. Makarov - Sherly Hirsch - Erhard Hirt - Greg Goodman - Hernry Kaiser - LaDonna Smith - Phil Minton. Mar Art 008 (CD-R)
  • 15. Caprices for cello and voice. Makarov - Davydov - Ishchenko - Dostaj Mar Art 003 (CD-R)
  • 16. The End of a Belle Epoch. Makarov - Vladimir Miller - Sivkov - Yudenich. Mar Art 002 (CD-R)
  • 17. Vladimir Miller and Quartets. Long Arms CDLA 03052
  • 18. Moscow Composers Orchestra with Sainkho “Portrait of an Idealist” Leo Records CD LR 527 2008


  • 1. Space Mythology Silence V.Makarov - M.Yudenich 1996
  • 2. The End of a Belle Epoch V.Makarov-V.Miller-E.Sivkov- M.Yudenich
  • 3. Caprices for Cello and Voic? V.Makarov-L. Ishenko- M.Davydov- O.Dostay 1997
  • 4. The Hand V. Makarov - S. Letov 1984-88
  • 5. Pushkin Vigil - live at Pushkinskaja 10. Makarov- Rubanov- P.Runovskaja-M.Davydov
  • 6. The Death of Andropov V.Makarov -S.Letov - M. Yudenich 1984
  • 7. A.Kondrashkin A.Kondradhkin - S.Letov - V.Makarov 1983-88
  • 8. Invitation to? Shelley Hirsch, Erhard Hirt,Greg Goodman,Henry Makarov & Friends Kaiser, LaDonna Smith, Phil Minton, Vlad Makarov
  • 9. Music Out of Time V.Makarov-V.Gayvoronsky-N.Rubanov 2000
  • 10. Music-Not-In-Itself DOM projects V.Makarov-A.Aigi- E.Sivkov-Boys Band Trio 2001
  • 11. Middle Russian Exotic Project V.Makarov-N.Rubanov- M.Davydov- M.Yudenich
  • 12. Makarov on Leo-records compilatoin CD Mak-Art
  • 13. Defraghment MAKARoff DEFRAGMENT V.Makarov-Gilles Aubry-E.Makarov 2004
  • 14. Makarov Anthology compilation CD Mak-Art 014 2004
  • 15. Live in JazzKeller XTRAtrio V.Makarov- P.Schwingenschloegl- E.Makarov

Pentagramma Records

  • 1. Vlad Makarov - Serguei Letov. The Hand. Introduction to deconstruction of. 021 CD (S. Letov - alto, bass clarinet, soprano saxophones; V. Makarov - cello)
  • 2. The Death of Andropov/Antonius' Birthday Party (S. Letov - soprano, alto, baritone saxophone, V. Makarov - cello, M. Yudenich - percussion). Recorded in Riga, Latvian SSR, USSR 022 CD
  • 3. Alexandr Kondrashkin. Recordings 1983-1984 with S. Letov and V. Makarov 023 CD
  • 4. Psycho. Vlad Makarov + Sergey Letov. Recorded in Smolensk, October 2002 035 CD
  • 5. Alexandr Axionov, Sergey Letov, Vlad Makarov, Alexandr Kondrashkin in Riga, Latvian SSR, USSR. January 1984 038 CD

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