Grant Green

Born: June 6, 1935 | Died: January 31, 1979    Primary Instrument: Guitar

Grant Green

Green was born on June 6, 1931 in St. Louis, Missouri. He first performed in a professional setting at the age of 13. His early influences were Charlie Christian and Charlie Parker; however, he played extensive R & B gigs in his home town and in East Saint Louis, IL while developing his jazz chops. His first recordings in St. Louis were with tenor saxophonist Jimmy Forrest for the Delmark label. Lou Donaldson discovered green playing in a bar in St. Louis. After touring together with Donaldson, Green arrived in New York around 1959-60. In a Down Beat interview from the early 60's, Green said “The first thing I learned to play was boogie-woogie. Then I had to do a lot of rock and roll. It's all blues, anyhow.”...
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”Perhaps the greatest testament to his musical gift was that at a time when the guitar had fallen out of favor, suddenly, Grant Green could be heard everywhere, recording with several of the finest rhythm sections in New York.” --Ben Sidran
As A Leader:
(all on Blue Note unless indicated)

Grant's First Stand--1/28/61
Reaching Out--3/15/61(Black Lion)
Green Street--4/01/61
Sunday Mornin'--6/04/61
Gooden's Corner--12/23/61
Born to be Blue--3/01/62
The Latin Bit--4/26/62
Goin' West--11/30/62
Feelin' the Spirit--12/21/62
Am I Blue--5/16/63
Idle Moments--11/04/63
Talkin' About--9/11/64
Street of Dreams--11/16/64
I Want to Hold Your Hand--3/31/65
His Majesty King Funk--5/26/65(Verve)
Iron City--1967(Cobblestone)
Carryin' On--10/3/69
Green is Beautiful--1/30/70
Shades of Green--11/23/71
The Final Comedown--12/13/71
Live at the Lighthouse--4/21/72
The Main Attraction--3/76(KUDU)

Posthumous Releases:

Blues For Lou--1999(Blue Note)
First Session--2001(Blue Note)
Live at Club Mozambique--2006(Blue Note)

As A Sideman:

Lou Donadson/ Here 'Tis--1/23/61
Baby Face Willette/ Face to Face--1/30/61
Stanley Turrentine/ Up at Minton's--2/23/61
Hank Mobley/ Workout--3/26/61
Baby Face Willette/Stop and Listen--5/22/61
Horace Parlan/ Up and Down--6/18/61
Stanley Turrentine/ Z.T.'s Blues--9/13/61
Ike Quebec/ Blue and Sentimental--12/16/61
Dodo Greene/ My Hour of Need--4/02/62
Don Wilkerson/ Elder Don--5/03/62
Lou Donaldson/ The Natural Soul--5/09/62
Don Wilkerson/ Preach Brother!--6/18/62
Lou Donaldson/ Good Gracious--1/24/63
Jimmy Smith/ I'm Movin' On--1/31/63
Horace Parlan/ Happy Frame of Mind--2/15/63
Big John Patton/ Along Came John--4/05/63
Big John Patton/ Blue John--7/11/63
Don Wilkerson/ Shoutin'--7/29/63
George Braith/ The Souls in One--9/04/63
George Braith/ Soul Stream--12/16/63
Lee Morgan/ Search for New Land--2/15/64
George Braith/ Extensions--3/27/64
Big John Patton/ The Way I Feel--6/19/64
Larry Young/ Into Somethin'--11/12/64
Donald Bryd/ I'm Tryin' to get Home--12/17/64
Big John Patton/ Oh Baby!--3/08/65
Big John Patton/ Let 'em Roll--12/11/65
Big John Patton/ Got a Good Thing Goin'--4/29/66
Stanely Turrentine/ Rough 'N' Tumble--7/01/66

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Street Of Dreams
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