Herbie Hancock

Born: April 12, 1940    Primary Instrument: Piano

Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock is a true icon of modern music. Throughout his explorations, he has transcended limitations and genres while still maintaining his unique, unmistakable voice. Herbie's success at expanding the possibilities of musical thought has placed him in the annals of this century's visionaries. With an illustrious career spanning five decades, he continues to amaze audiences and never ceases to expand the public's vision of what music, particularly jazz, is all about today.

Herbie Hancock's creative path has moved fluidly between almost every development in acoustic and electronic jazz and R&B since 1960. He has attained an enviable balance of commercial and artistic success, arriving at a point in his career where he ventures into every new project motivated purely by the desire to expand the boundaries of his creativity....
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Herbie Hancock, The Imagine Project (Verve, 2010)
Herbie Hancock, River: The Joni Letters (Verve, 2007)
Herbie Hancock, Possibilities (Hear Music, 2005)
Herbie Hancock, Directions in Music: Celebrating Miles Davis and John Coltrane (Verve, 2002)
Herbie Hancock, Future2Future (Transparent, 2001)
Herbie Hancock, Gershwin's World (Verve, 1998)
Herbie Hancock/Wayne Shorter, 1 + 1 (Verve, 1997)
Herbie Hancock, The New Standard (Verve, 1995)
Herbie Hancock, Dis Is Da Drum (Verve/Mercury, 1994)
Herbie Hancock, Perfect Machine (Columbia, 1988)
Herbie Hancock, Round Midnight (Columbia, 1986)
Herbie Hancock, Future Shock (Columbia, 1983)
Herbie Hancock, Mr. Hands (Columbia, 1980)
Herbie Hancock, VSOP: Live Under the Sky (Columbia, 1979)
Herbie Hancock, An Evening with Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea (Columbia, 1978)
Herbie Hancock, Thrust (Columbia, 1974)
Herbie Hancock, Head Hunters (Columbia, 1973)
Miles Davis, In a Silent Way (Columbia, 1969)
Herbie Hancock, Speak Like a Child (Blue Note, 1968)
Miles Davis, Nefertiti (Columbia, 1967)
Herbie Hancock, Maiden Voyage (Blue Note, 1965)
Miles Davis, Four and More (Columbia, 1964)
Miles Davis, Seven Steps to Heaven (Columbia, 1963)
Herbie Hancock, Empyrean Isles (Blue Note, 1963)
Herbie Hancock, Takin' Off (Blue Note, 1962)

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