Jay Hoggard

Born: September 24, 1954    Primary Instrument: Vibraphone

Jay Hoggard

Jay Hoggard - Vibraphonist / Composer

Vibraphonist Jay Hoggard’s music has touched the hearts and souls of listeners around the world for thirty years. Noted journalist Owen McNally wrote “Jay Hoggard's artistry has a universal quality, an intellectual and emotional resiliency that makes it seem very much at home when creating something new and fresh in every genre from the roots of African music to the outer reaches of the blues ....He is not just one of the premier voices on vibraphone but also one of the top-seeded instrumentalists and composers of the jazz world today.”

Jay Hoggard draws on traditional and contemporary musical vocabulary to develop new directions for the vibraphone. Jay 's music is positive, spiritual, uplifting and happy. He seemlessly blends jazz and gospel roots with African marimba rhythms. His performance repertoire represents the three B’s of the jazz tradition (Blues, Bop, Ballads) with original innovations. Songs and extended compositions frame his virtuoso mallet improvisations. Jay Hoggard has recorded 21 CD’s as a leader and over 50 as a collaborator. His latest disc, SOLO FROM TWO SIDES, released August 1, 2009, is a beautiful program of 13 Jay Hoggard compositions performed by the composer on both vibraphone and marimba, by way of digital overdubbing....
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A very significant vibraphonist for for over 30 years, Jay Hoggard has long ranked with the greatest innovators of his instrument including Lionel Hampton, Red Norvo, Milt Jackson, Terry Gibbs, Bobby Hutcherson, Gary Burton, Khan Jamal and Walt Dickerson, as well as his contemporaries Steve Nelson, Joe Locke, and Stefon Harris. The release of five of his CDs, including SOULAR POWER and SOLO FROM TWO SIDES, gives listeners an opportunity to experience some of the many sides of this vital musician, and they document the vibraphonist's musical language during the first ten years of the 21st century. This is a major event!

Jay Hoggard, who was born in Washington D.C.,grew up in a religious family in Mt Vernon, New York. He began playing the vibraphone when he was 15. At Wesleyan University in Connecticut he studied in the World Music program including traveling to Tanzania to study firsthand East African xylophone music. Soon after he graduated in 1976, Jay was recognized as an increasingly important force on his instrument, able to display his own voice in settings ranging from the avant-garde to swing, from unaccompanied solo performances to work with a wide variety of all-star performers.

While his work was well documented in the late 1970s, '80s and '90s, by 2003 Jay Hoggard came to the conclusion that it was time for him to own his own music and take charge of documenting his musical dreams. “By then it had become a lot less expensive to make one's own records,” says the vibraphonist. “With the collapse of the record industry, it made perfect sense to have my own label.” Adding to the logic was that Hoggard had stored up many fresh ideas and concepts that deserved to be recorded.

Jay Hoggard's current working band is documented on SOULAR POWER (2008),an exciting release consisting of 11 of his original compositions plus “On A Clear Day.” With James Weidman, Belden Bullock and drummer Yoron Israel inspiring him, Hoggard stakes his claim as one of the major vibraphonists of today, performing music that is full of subtle surprises, covers a wide range of moods, and is never predictable. Among the many highlights are the forceful post bop of “Soular Power,” the touching ballad “You're In My Heart All The Time,” the soulful “Blues Bags,” a catchy boogaloo “Sweet Potato” and the driving “Mystic Winds/Tropic Breezes.” Jay really stretches himself during a set that has the feel of a live recording.

The same can be said for the frequently-stunning SOLO FROM TWO SIDES (2009). Performing unaccompanied on vibraphone and marimba, Jay Hoggard creates music that is hypnotic, intriguing, melodic, thoughtful, surprising and thoroughly original. While a handful of vibraphonists have recorded solo sets in the past (including Gary Burton, Khan Jamal and Walt Dickerson), none have sounded like this. There are many rich melodies (“Kalila's Smile” and “Riverside Dance”are two strong examples), pieces that display the African heritage (“Ujamaa”,”The Golden Ashanti”, and “Rain Forest”) and new spirituals such as “In The Spirit” and “Worship God In Spirit, Truth And Love.” Each of the 13 selections is memorable in its own way. But that is to be expected for Jay Hoggard has developed his own personal voice, both as an improviser and as a composer.

SWING EM GATES (2007) is a tribute to Lionel Hampton which, although featuring some of the songs that Hampton made famous (including “Flying Home,” “Memories Of You” and “Air Mail Special”), finds Jay Hoggard sounding very much like himself. “I crossed paths with Lionel Hampton on a few occasions early in my career including sharing the stage during an all-star concert. He was always very encouraging and inspiring to me, telling me to always be myself in my playing.” So close was their relationship that, when Hampton was ailing later in his career, Hoggard often substituted for him. Swing 'Em Gates has Jay Hoggard swinging his way through standards with the assistance of a trio that on three songs includes the legendary pianist Dr. Billy Taylor.

SONGS OF SPIRITUAL LOVE (2004) is a set of vibraphone-organ/piano duets by Hoggard and James Weidman in which they explore the African American sacred musical vocabulary. “Since I grew up in the Afican Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, I am hard wired for these melodies which are second nature for me.” The emotional versions of such songs as “Lift Every Voice And Sing,” John Coltrane's “Dear Lord,” “His Eye Is On The Sparrow,” and “The Lord's Prayer” are very respectful but also full of exciting melodic improvisations. Especially memorable is a rendition of Hoggard's best known melody, “God Will Guide.”

The earliest of the JHVM releases is THE RIGHT PLACE (2003). Featured with his quintet (the late pianist Hilton Ruiz or James Weidman on piano and organ, bassist Belden Bullock, drummer Pheeroan akLaff and Dwight Andrews on reeds) plus both Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng and Asher DeLerme on percussion, Hoggard performs nine of his originals plus Ruiz' “Guataca.” Highlights include such gems as the upbeat “The Right Place,” the Mid-Eastern feel of “ Joyful Swamp ,” “Startin The Blues En Clave,” the mysterious “Crossing Point,” and the heartfelt “Lessons From My Dad.”

Also of strong interest is SOMETHING “BOUT BELIEVING, a 1999 CD put out by the Twinz Records label and made available from JHVM that features Hoggard (along with Weidman, Bullock and akLaff) performing Duke Ellington's sacred music including “Come Sunday,” “The Shepherd” and “Heaven.” Back in 1967 the youngster accompanied his father to one of Ellington's sacred concerts and the performances changed his life, inspiring him to become a musician and ultimately a major vibraphonist.

The release of these diverse but consistently rewarding CDs are a major event in 21st century jazz. Not only do they feature Jay Hoggard at the peak of his powers, but they add rich melodies and superb vibraphone solos to the legacy of jazz.

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Solo Vibraphone
India Navigation
Live at Joseph Papp's Public Theater, NYC, November 18, 1978.
Tracks: Samba Pa Negra; Comfort In The Storm; Introduction; Toe Dance For A Baby; Introduction; Air Mail Special; May Those Who Love Apartheid Burn In Hell; Introduction; Believe In Yourself.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone.


Days Like These
April 1979.
Tracks: Samba Pa Negra; We Got By; Brown Lady With Golden Braids; Days Like These; West End Dancer; Takin' It To The Streets; Kalima's Garden Song.
Personnel: Marvin Stamm: trumpet; Jim Pugh: trombone; Dave Valentin: flute; George Young: alto sax, tenor sax; Chico Freeman: tenor sax; Walter Kane: baritone sax; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone, synthesizer; Dave Grusin: piano, keyboards, synthesizer, percussion; Rob Mounsey: synthesizer; Jeff Mironov: guitar; Francisco Centeno, Marcus Miller: guitar; Buddy Williams: drums; Naná Vasconcelos: percussion, drums; Errol "Crusher" Bennett, Sammy Figueroa, Larry Rosen: percussion; Adrienne Albert, Patti Austin, Frank Floyd, Ullanda McCullough, Luther Vandross: vocals; string section.


Under The Double Moon
August 1980.
Tracks: Toe Dance For A Baby; Ujamaa; FMW; Wayang; A Walk Thru The Shadow; The Clothed Woman.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Anthony Davis: piano.

Rain Forest
Hollywood, CA, November, 1980.
Tracks: Reverend Libra; Jammin' In The Sunshine; Sao Pablo; God Will Guide; The Guiding Spirit; Rain Forest.
Personnel: Chico Freeman: soprano sax, tenor sax, bass clarinet; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone, marimba, percussion, drums; Kenny Kirkland: piano, keyboard, clavinet; Roland Bautista: guitar; John Koenig: guitar, cello; Francisco Centeno: bass; Harvey Mason: drums; Paulinho DaCosta, Jose Goico: percussion; Patryce Banks, Maxayn Lewis, Sybil Thomas: vocals.


Mystic Winds, Tropic Breezes
India Navigation
May 1981.
Tracks: Mystic Winds, Tropic Breezes; The Golden Ashanti; Listen In Silence; The Other Side Of The Ocean.
Personnel: Dwight Andrews: bass clarinet; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Anthony Davis: piano; Cecil McBee: bass; Billy Hart: drums; Don Moye, Wilson Moorman: percussion.


Love Survives
May 1983.
Tracks: Don't Quit; Pacific Vibes; As If In A Dream; Love Survives; God Is Capable Of Everything; Sailing; Felice.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone.


Riverside Dance
India Navigation
April 1985.
Tracks: Ojala; Riverside Dance; Pleasant Memories; Mariposa; Salat; Brilliant Corners; Lush Life.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Onaje Allan Gumbs: keyboards; Vernon Reid: guitar; Jerome Harris: bass; Pheeroan Aklaff: drums.


A Night In Greenwich Village
NYC, September 12, 1987.
Tracks: A Night In Tunisia; Monk's Mood; The Guiding Spirit; Comfort In The Storm; Mystic Winds, Tropic Breezes.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Geri Allen: piano; Anthony Cox: bass; Marvin "Smitty" Smith: drums.


Home Base Studios, NYC, June 22, 1989.
Tracks: Put On A Happy Face; Overview; Aguacate; Blues Bags; Ruby, My Dear; Convergence.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Geri Allen: piano; Ed Rozie: bass; Fredrick Waits: drums.


The Little Tiger
June 10, 1990 & 1977*.
Tracks: Sonny's Themes (Alfie's Theme, Sonnymoon For Two); The Little Tiger; You And I; N.T.T.T.; Elijah Rock; Mystic Winds, Tropic Breezes; Beautiful Nowai; God Is Capable Of Everything*.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Benny Green: piano; Marcus McLaurine: bass; Yoron Israel: drums.


The Fountain
July 10, 1991.
Tracks: Sweet Potato; Stompin' At The Savoy; Prelude To A Kiss; Starting Over; Fables Of Faubus; Epistrophy; The Fountain; My One And Only Love.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibrapone; James Weidman: piano; Kenny Burrell: guitar; Marcus McLaurine: bass; Yoron Israel: drums.


In The Spirit
May 4, 1992.
Tracks: Bye-Ya; Prayin' Out Loud; Stolen Moments; In the Spirit Of Eric Dolphy, Peaceful Messenger Of God's Music; Andrew; Gazzeloni; De Pois Do Amor O Vazio (After Love); Without A Song.
Personnel: James Newton: flute; Dwight Andrews: alto flute, soprano sax, bass clarinet; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Mark Helias: bass; Ed Blackwell: drums.


Love Is The Answer
January 9 - February 27, 1994.
Tracks: Harlem Air Shaft; Good Bait; Donna Lee; As Quiet As It's Kept; The Nearness Of You; Love Is The Answer; Celestial Prayer; Worship God In Spirit, Truth, And Love; The Wisdom Of The Baobab Tree; Ring Shout.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; James Weidman: piano; Belden Bullock: bass; Pheeroan Aklaff: drums; Lyndon Achee: percussion; Debra Byrd: vocals; RejoicEnsemble.


Pleasant Memories
June 1995.
Tracks: Startin' With The Blues; Pleasant Memories; Take The "A" Train; My Ship; Misty; Worship God In Spirit, Truth, And Love; In A Sentimental Mood; Over The Rainbow; Peace; 'Round Midnight; Satin Doll; You Are The Sunshine Of My Life.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone.


Vibes Alive
May 1996.
Tracks: Sweet Potato, The Little Tiger; Convergence; In The Spirit; Ring Shout; Prayin' Out Loud.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; others, probably: James Weidman: piano, organ; Belden Bullock: bass; Pheeroan AkLaff: drums.


Something 'Bout Believing - Duke Ellington's Sacred Music
May 15-17, 1999.
Tracks: Something 'Bout Believing; Freedom Word You Heard; Almighty God; Come Sunday; David Danced Before The Lord; Freedom #7; The Shepherd; Heaven.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; James Weidman: piano, organ; Belden Bullock: bass; Pheeroan AkLaff: drums.


The Right Place
January 4-5, 2003.
Tracks: The Right Place¹; Joyful Swamp¹; Guataca°; Lessons From My Dad°; Startin The Blues En Clave°; La Tierra Hermosa°; Inner Rhythm¹; Marimba Gylie; Crossing Point¹; Ring Shout¹.
Personnel: Dwight Andrews: soprano sax, flute, bass clarinet; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Hilton Ruiz°, James Weidman¹: organ, piano; Belden Bullock: bass; Pheeroan AkLaff: drums; Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng, Asher DeLarme: percussion.


Songs Of Spiritual Love
January 2005.
Tracks: Lift Every Voice And Sing; Bridge Over Troubled Water; Dear Lord; I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free; God Will Guide; What The World Needs Now; His Eye Is On The Sparrow; The Lord's Prayer; Medley: Sweet Hour Of Prayer / Softly And Tenderly / Lead Me Guide Me; Vision In The Spirituals; If I Can Help Somebody; God Bless The Child.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone, marimba; James Weidman: organ, piano.


Swing 'Em Gates
August 1-2, 2006.
Tracks: Take The "A" Train; Flying Home; Swing 'Em Gates; How High The Moon; Memories Of You; Uptown Vibes; Air Mail Special; In A Mellow Tone; Stardust; Shiny Stockings.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; James Weidman, Billy Taylor: piano; Leon Lee Dorsey: bass; Winard Harper: drums; Willie Martinez: percussion.

As A Side Musician


Communications Network
Clifford Thornton
Third World
November 1973.
Tracks: Communications Network parts 1 & 2°; Festivals And Funerals.
Personnel: Clifford Thornton: cornet, keyboards°; Nathan Davis: soprano sax; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Lakshminarayana Shankar: violin; Sirone, Andy Gonzalez: bass; Jerome Cooper: percussion, drums; Vincent George, Jerry Gonzalez, Nicky Marrero: percussion; Jayne Cortez: vocals.


Soul Translation
Donald Strachan
Triad Concept
May 1975.
Tracks: ???.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; ???.


Kings Of Mali
Chico Freeman
India Navigation
September 1977.
Tracks: Look Up; Minstrel's Sun Dance; Kings Of Mali; Illas.
Personnel: Chico Freeman: tenor sax, soprano sax, flute; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Anthony Davis: piano; Cecil McBee: bass; Don Moye: drums, percussion.


Gerry Hemingway
New Generation Studios, NYC, January 10, 1978° & Right Track Studio, NYC, February 20, 1978¹.
Tracks: Kwambe°; 1st Landscape°; Walking Alone, The Tall Trees Sang¹; Speak Brother¹.
Personnel: George Lewis: trombone, euphonium; Ray Anderson: trombone; Wes Brown: Ghanian flute, bass; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone, Tanzanian xylophone; Anthony Davis: piano; Mark Helias: bass; Gerry Hemingway: drums, vibraphone.

Song For The Old World
Anthony Davis
India Navigation
July 1978.
Tracks: Behind The Rock; Song For The Old World; African Ballad; 59; An Anthem For The Generation That Died; Andrew.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Anthony Davis: piano; Mark Helias: bass; Ed Blackwell: drums.

Spirit Sensitive
Chico Freeman
India Navigation
October 1978-January 1979.
Tracks: Carnival.
Personnel: Chico Freeman: tenor sax, soprano sax; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; John Hicks: piano; Cecil McBee: bass; Billy Hart, Don Moye: drums.


Life's Force
Ahmed Abdullah
About Time
May 1979.
Tracks: Eternal Spiralling Spirit; Assunta; Quude; Song Of Tenderness; A Longtime Black; Life's Force.
Personnel: Ahmed Abdullah: trumpet; Vincent Chancey: French horn; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Muneer Abdul Fatah: cello; Jerome Hunter: bass; Rashied Sinan: drums.

No Time Left
Chico Freeman
Black Saint
June 8-9, 1979.
Tracks: No Time Left; Uhmla; Circle.
Personnel: Chico Freeman: tenor sax, soprano sax, bass clarinet; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Rick Rozie: bass; Famoudou Don Moye: drums.

Candi Staton
Warner Brothers
Sigma Sound Studios, NYC, December 1979.
Tracks: Halfway To Heaven; Living Inside Me.
Personnel: David Tofani: alto sax; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Thom Bridwell, Edwin Kobylarz: keyboards; Stan Lucas, Ken Mazur: guitar; Norbert Sloley: bass; John Susswell: drums; Sammy Figueroa, Michael Lewis: percussion; Candi Staton: vocals; Jocelyn Shore Brown, Crystal Davis, Janet Wright, Dennis Collins: background vocals.

Michael Gregory Jackson
Arista Novus
December 1979.
Tracks: Unspoken Magic; Dyami Emu; Vivid Violet; Theme For In Eyes; Sir Julius Of Woodstock; Gifts.
Personnel: Baikida Carroll: trumpet, flugelhorn; Marty Ehrlich: flute, soprano sax, alto sax, bass clarinet; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Michael Gregory Jackson: guitar, percussion, vocals, organ; Fred Hopkins, Jerome Harris: bass; Pheeroan AkLaff: drums.


Peaceful Heart, Gentle Spirit
Chico Freeman
Los Angeles, CA, March 6 & 7, 1980.
Tracks: Peaceful Heart, Gentle Spirit°; Freedom Swing Song¹; Look Up²; Nina's Song Dance³; Morning Prayerª.
Personnel: Chico Freeman: alto flute°ª, bass clarinet¹, tenor sax², soprano sax³, clarinetª; James Newton: flute°¹ª, bass fluteª; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Kenny Kirkland°³: piano; John Koenig¹ª: cello; Buster Williams: bass; Billy Hart: drums; Paulinho Da Costa°³, Efrain Toro°³: percussion.

The Search
Chico Freeman
India Navigation
June 1980.
Tracks: The Search; Illas; Close To You Alone; Soweto Suite.
Personnel: Chico Freeman: tenor sax, flute; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Kenny Barron: piano; Cecil McBee: bass; Billy Hart: drums; Nana Vasconcel: percussion; Val Eley: vocals.

Amacord Nino Rota
Various Artists
August 1980.
Tracks: Notturno.
Personnel: Claudio Roditi: trumpet; Emmet McDonald: trombone; Sharon Freeman: French horn; Henry Threadgill: flute; Bobby Eldridge: baritone sax, clarinet; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Amina Claudine Myers: piano; Fred Hopkins: bass; Warren Smith: drums.


Bustin' Loose - Original Soundtrack
Roberta Flack
March 1981.
Tracks: Lovin' You; Rollin' On; You Stopped Lovin' Me; Just When I Needed You; Qual E Malindrinho (Why Are You So Bad); Love Always Commands; Children's Song; Ballad For D; Hittin' Me Where It Hurts.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Barry Miles, Clark Spangler: keyboards, synthesizer; Jeff Mironov: guitar; Marcus Miller, Gary King: bass; Buddy Williams: drums; Dom Um Romão: drums, percussion; Roberta Flack, Luther Vandross, Peabo Bryson: vocals; others.

Anthony Davis
June 1981.
Tracks: Wayang No. 2 (Shadowdance) / Wayang No. IV (Under The Double Moon); Section 1 Opening (Dance); Section 2 (Sustained Tones); Section 3 (Variations/Pulse/Trombone Solo/Flute Interlude/Kec); A Walk Through The Shadow.
Personnel: George Lewis: trombone; Dwight Andrews: flute, bass clarinet, piccolo; Jay Hoggard: glockenspiel, marimba, vibraphone; Anthony Davis: piano; Shem Guibbory: violin; Abdul Wadud: cello; Rick Rozie: bass; Warren Smith: drums, percussion, glockenspiel, marimba, xylophone, tympani, vibraphone; Pheeroan akLaff: drums, percussion.

The Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band
The B,B & Q Band
Tracks: On The Beat; Time For Love; Don't Say Goodbye; Starlette; Mistakes; Lovin's What We Should Do; I'll Cut You Loose.
Personnel: Victor Paz, Earl Gardner: trumpet; Bob Alexander: trombone; Rudy Trevesi, Denny Trimboli: sax; Mauro Malavasi: piano, synthesizer; Kevin Nance, Maurizio Biancano: keyboards; Paolo Gianolio, Abdul Wali Mohammed: guitar; Davide Romani, Peewee Ford: bass; Terri Silverlight, Dwayne Perdue: drums; Ike Floyd, Gordon Grody, Bobby Douglas: vocals; Luther Vandross, Fonzi Thornton, Bobby Douglas, Gordon Grody, Diva Gray, Robin Clark: background vocals.


The Young Lions
The Young Lions
Elektra Musician
Kool Jazz Festival, Carnegie Hall, NYC, June 30, 1982.
Tracks: Mariel°; Thank You¹; Maiden Dance²; Nigerian Sunset³; Pleasant Memoriesª.
Personnel: Wynton Marsalis³: trumpet; Craig Harris°¹³: trombone; James Newton¹³: flute; John Purcell: alto sax°, clarinet¹, oboe³, English horn³, flute³; Paquito D'Rivera°¹³: alto sax; Chico Freeman: tenor sax°¹³, bass clarinet³; Hamiet Bluiett¹: baritone sax; Jay Hoggard: marimba², balafonª, vibraphone°¹³ª; Anthony Davis°¹²³: piano; Kevin Eubanks°¹³: guitar; John Blake¹²³: violin; Abdul Wadud¹³: cello; Avery Sharpe°¹²³, Fred Hopkins¹³: bass; Ronnie Burrage°¹²³: drums; Daniel Ponce°¹²³: percussion; Bobby McFerrin³: vocals.

James Newton
James Newton
October 1982.
Tracks: Daydream; Budapest; Ismene; Persephone; The Crips.
Personnel: Slide Hampton: trombone; James Newton: flute; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Anthony Davis: piano; John Blake: violin; Cecil McBee: bass; Billy Hart: drums.


James Newton
September 1983.
Tracks: Not Without You, Mr. Dolphy, Anna Maria, Diamonds Are For Freedom, Luella.
Personnel: James Newton: flute; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Kenny Kirkland: piano; John Blake, Gayle Dixon: violin; Abdul Wadud: cello; Cecil McBee: bass; Billy Hart: drums.


Chico Freeman
Elektra Musician
January 1984.
Tracks: Tangents; Sir Tashi And The Yetti; Ballad For Hakima; Fifty Tenth Street; Computerized Indifference; Sangoma And Nelly; You Are The One; Spook And Fade.
Personnel: Chico Freeman: tenor sax, clarinet, percussion; John Purcell: woodwinds; Steve Coleman: alto sax, soprano sax; Mark Thompson: piano; Kenny Werner: piano, synthesizer; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Cecil McBee, John Koenig: bass; Billy Hart, James Bradley: drums; Freddie Waits: drums, percussion; Bobby McFerrin: vocals.

Bill Barron
Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, October 1984 & March 1985.
Tracks: Waiting For You; Blues In B Flat Minor; Going Forth; My Funny Valentine; Giant Steps.
Personnel: Dick Griffin: trombone; Bill Lowe: tuba, trombone; Bill Barron: tenor sax; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Fred Simmons, Charles Garner: piano; Wes Brown, Chris White: bass; Ed Blackwell: drums.


The African Flower
James Newton
Blue Note
RCA Studio B, NYC, June 24-25, 1985.
Tracks: Black And Tan Fantasy¹; Virgin Jungle¹³; Strange Feeling°²; Fleurette Africaine¹; Cotton Tail²; Sophisticated Lady; Passion Flower¹.
Personnel: Olu Dara: cornet; James Newton: flute; Arthur Blythe: alto sax; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Roland Hanna: piano; John Blake: violin; Rick Rozie: bass; Billy Hart¹: drums; Pheeroan AkLaff: drums², percussion³; Anthony Brown: percussion; Milt Grayson°: vocals.


Romance And Revolution
James Newton
Blue Note
RCA Studio C, NYC, August 20 & 21, 1986.
Tracks: Forever Charles; Meditations On Integration; The Evening Leans Towards You.
Personnel: Robin Eubanks, Steve Turre: trombone; James Newton: flute; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Geri Allen: piano; Abdul Wadud: cello; Rick Rozie: bass; Pheeroan AkLaff: drums.


Time Peace
Al MacDowell
April 1989.
Tracks: Fantastic Voyage; St. Alban's Tango; Nina's Line Of No Return; Somewhere; Fantasia; Maybe; Feng Shui; Ode Bra; View From A Window; Come See Tomorrow; Blue Age.
Personnel: Bruce Purse, Dave Gordon: trumpet; Ornette Coleman: alto sax; Jack O'Neil: soprano sax, tenor sax; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Richard Martinez, Bernard Wright: keyboards; Jeff Ciampa: guitar; Al Macdowell: bass, piccolo bass, Keyboards; Kenwood Dennard: drums; Dave Bryant: percussion, drums.

Come Together As One
Will Downing
Island Records
July 1989.
Tracks: Come Together As One; Sake Of Love; Sometimes I Cry; Love Call; The Love We Share; Too Soon; I'll Wait; Rules Of Love; Test Of Time; Closer To You; Wishing On A Star.
Personnel: Wendell Brooks: flute; George Howard: sax; Jay Hoggard. vibraphone; Brian Jackson, Onaje Allan Gumbs: piano, keyboards; Zane Mark, David Morales: keyboards, synthesizer; Mike Graves, Peter "Ski" Schwartz: keyboards; Laythan Armor: keyboards, vocals; Clarence "Binky" Brice, Charles Ferring, Skip McDonald: guitar; Doug Wimbish, Kenny Davis, Eluriel "Tinker" Barfield, Melvin Gibbs: bass; Hubert Eaves: bass, drums; Buddy Williams, J.T. Lewis, Steve Williams: drums; Bashiri Johnson, Paulhino Da Costa: percussion; Roger Squitero: percussion, background vocals; Will Downing: vocals, keyboards, percussion; Attala Zane Giles, Curtis King, Brenda White-King, Danny Madden, Audrey Wheeler, Lynn Fidmont, Lynn Roderick, Kevin Dorsey, Craig Derry, Charlie Paakari, Fred White, Valarie Mayo, Glynice Coleman: background vocals; Felix Farrar, Brenda Vincent, Alvin McCall, George Kitzas, Marianne Henry, Clarissa Howell, Duane James, Lesa Terry, Cecelia Hobbs, Lloyd Carter, Akua Dixon, Melvin Greenwich. Preston Vismale: strings, Preston Vismale: vocals.

In Passing
Jerome Harris
Home Base Studios, NYC, May 23, 1989.
Tracks: Upcountry; Embrace; Reflections; Connotin'; Short Story; Turn Again; Arroz Con Pollo.
Personnel: Clifton Anderson: trombone; Marty Ehrlich: clarinet, alto sax, soprano sax, tenor sax; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Jerome Harris: bass; Jeff Hirshfield: drums.

Guiding Spirit
Kenny Burrell
NYC, August 4 & 5, 1989.
Tracks: Calling You; Main Stem; In A Sentimental Mood; Moment's Notice; Guiding Spirit; Soul Eyes; Midnight Blue; In Walked Bud.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Kenny Burrell: guitar; Marcus McLaurine: bass; Yoron Israel: drums.


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
Warner Brothers
March 1992.
Tracks: Theme From Twin Peaks-Fire Walk With Me; The Pine Float; Sycamore Trees; Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do); A Real Indication; Questions In A World Of Blue; The Pink Room; The Black Dog Runs At Night; Best Friends; Moving Through Time; Montage From Twin Peaks: Girl Talk/Birds in Hell/Laura Palmer's Theme; The Voice of Love.
Personnel: Jim Hynes: trumpet; Albert Regni: tenor sax; Dave Cooper, Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Ken-Ichi Shimazu: piano; Bill Mays: piano, keyboards; Angelo Badalamenti: synthesizer, piano, keyboards, vocals; Andy Arner, Kinny Landrum, David Slusser: keyboards; Alvin Flythe: synthesizer, sax; Myles Boisen, David Jaurequi: guitar; Vincent Bell, Bob Rose guitar, bass; Ron Carter, William Fairbanks, Don Falzone, Rufus Reid, Buster Williams: bass; Donald Bailey, Stephen Hodges, Brian Kirk, Grady Tate: drums; David Lynch: percussion; Julee Cruise, Little Jimmy Scott: vocals.

Twin Peaks - Season Two
David Lynch
Tracks: Love Theme (Intro); Shelly; New Shoes; High School Swing; Hayward Boogie; Blue Frank; Audrey's Prayer; I'm Hurt Bad; Cop Beat; Harold's Theme; Barbershop; Night Bells; Just You; Drug Deal Blues; Audrey; Josie And Truman; Hook Rug Dance; Packard's Vibration; Half Heart; Laura's Dark Boogie; Dark Mood Woods / The Red Room; Love Theme Farewell.
Personnel: Eddie Daniels: clarinet; Albert Regni: clarinet, tenor sax; Dave Cooper, Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Alicia Witt: piano; Angelo Badalamenti: synthesizer, piano, keyboards; Kinny Landrum: synthesizer, keyboards; Andy Armer: keyboards; Vinnie Bell, Eddie Dixon, David Jaurequi: guitar; Ron Carter, Don Falzone, Buster Williams: bass; Stephen Hodges, Grady Tate: drums; Lara Flynn Boyle, James Marshall: vocals.

4 (Ensemble) Compositions 1992
Anthony Braxton
Black Saint
Sear Sound, NYC, December 5, 1992 & March 16, 1993.
Tracks: Composition 100; Composition 96; Composition 164; Composition 163.
Personnel: Robert Rumboltz: trumpet; Roland Dahinden, John Raphson: trombone; Don Byron: clarinet, bass clarinet; Marty Ehrlich: flute, clarinet, alto sax, piccolo, tenor sax; J.D. Parran: flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, bamboo flute; Randy McKean: clarinet, alto sax, bass clarinet; Ted Reichman, Guy Klucevsek: accordion; Amina Claudine Myers: organ, vocals; Jay Hoggard: marimba, vibes; Warren Smith: percussion; Lyndon Achee: steel drums.


Terumasa Hino
Somethin'Else/Blue Note
March 1994.
Tracks: Song For My Father; Tribe; Suavemente; Monday Night Village Gate; Culcutta Cutie; Art Blakey; Moonbow; Camel Back; Obatala (Rumba Yeza).
Personnel: Terumasa Hino: trumpet; Tatsuya Sano: tenor sax; Jay Hoggard: marimba, vibraphone; Takeaki Sugiyama, Hiromasa Suzuki: synthesizer; Kenji Hino, Benisuke Sakai: bass; Motohiko Hino: drums; Don Alias, Mark DeRose, Tatsuji Yokoyama: percussion.

Drop Squad
April 1994.
Tracks: Rocky's Theme.
Personnel: Mark Ledford: trumpet; Michael Bearden: keyboards; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Jeff Lee Johnson: guitar.

Going Forth
Fred Simmons
December 1994.
Tracks: Monk's Dream; The Day After; Love For Sale; I Remember You; Ain't Misbehavin'; MLK; How Insensitive; In Motion; Going Forth.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Fred Simmons: piano; others?.


Talking Stick
Oliver Lake
Passin Thru.
March 4, 1997.
Tracks: Talkin' Stick; Hard Blues; Reminds Me; Masaai Moves; Only If You Live There; Shifts; Song For Jay; Philly Blues.
Personnel: Oliver Lake: alto sax; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Geri Allen: piano; Belden Bullock: bass; Cecil Brooks III: drums.


Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng
Brown University, Providence, RI, 1999.
Tracks: Ghana Gumbo; Fine Fine Baby.
Personnel: Paul Austerlitz: bass clarinet, percussion; Jay Hoggard: xylophone, vocals; Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng, Ismail Lawal: percussion, drums, vocals; Gloria Koomson, Jeff Penn: percussion, Scott Kessel: vocals.


Basic Traneing
Yoron Israel
Ronja Music
May 2003.
Tracks: Basic Traneing; Afro Blue; Sayeeda's Song Flute; Her All; Impressions; Better Days; Tippin'; Mr. JC; Like Sonny; Lonnie's Lament; Basic Traneing Reprise.
Personnel: Billy Pierce: soprano sax, tenor sax; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone, marimba; Kyle Koehler: organ; Ed Cherry: guitar; Yoron Israel: drums; Ernesto Diaz: percussion.


All About Time
James Weidman
Tracks: Bean And The Boys; Memories Of You; Mr. Johnston; Song For Kim; 2K Blues; Lord Don't Move That Mountain; Ugly Beauty; Where Is Love; Love's In The Making; Song For Tomorrow.
Personnel: Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; James Weidman: piano; Ed Howard: bass; Marcus Baylor: drums; Charene Dawn: vocals.


Other Stories (Three Suites)
Taylor Ho Bynum & SpiderMonkey Strings
482 Music
February 20, 2005.
Tracks: Supo Eno: Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4; SpiderMonkey Stories: Dakinis' Dance / Chuck / Meditation.
Personnel: Taylor Ho Bynum: cornet; Joseph Daley: tuba; Jay Hoggard: vibraphone; Peter Fitzpatrick: guitar; Jason Kao Hwang: violin; Jessica Pavone: violin, viola; Stephanie Griffin: viola; Tomas Ulrich: cello; Luther Gray: drums.

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