Active since: February 19, 1957    Primary Instrument: Band/orchestra


The enduring success of Incognito is one of the great stories of UK music during the last 31 years. Look at the recent history of soulful UK artists and you will find any number of short-lived acts that have achieved pop success. Narrow the list to those that have created a uniquely British sound and that have endured as a global phenomenon on their own terms and the list becomes short. Dues, then, to Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick and Incognito, formed in 1979 and celebrating 31 years of positive vibes and undiluted jazz funk in 2010. From an early age, the UK live scene was a key inspiration for Bluey, having moved to London from his native Mauritius aged ten...
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“Incognito’s uniquely funky, retro soul sound is so urban that it may have at first seemed odd to call their equally infectious, constantly grooving Heads Up debut Tales From The Beach”till we realize that the beaches Maunick is referring to are those on his native island of Mauritius (off the coast of Madagascar). That’s where he got wind of hotel bands and others playing around bonfires and cookouts; the loose, happy flow of Incognito’s bouncy, horn inflected tunes here completely reflects that wistful reference. While Maunick’s crisp, jangling guitar work, Francis Hylton’s bubbling bass and those old school soul atmospheres and horns inhabit every melody and groove, these tales are told by a shimmering array of sensual R&B singers. The most well-known of these to longtime Incognito and smooth jazz fans is Maysa, who took time from her building solo career to grace four tracks with her rich and sexy, dark toned vocals: the soaring, percussive dance gem ‘I've Been Waiting,’ the dreamy melancholy meets joy-infused ‘I Remember A Time,’ the fast rolling jazz tune ‘Never Look Back’ and the sensuous chill rocker ‘When Words Are Just Words.’ At a generous fifteen tracks, Tales From The Beach gives ample tracking to a handful of lead vocalists who are lesser known than Maysa but equally as heart tugging and soul-spiced: Joy Rose, Tony Momrelle and Imaani. The three of them team up on the brass and vibes-tinged anthem ‘Feel The Pressure,’ perfectly showcasing the true ensemble energy that’s made Incognito such a powerful force in post acid jazz groove music for so many years.” All Music

“It is a 15-track set of songs that embody the unique characteristics that are synonymous with the band’s reputation. The album is another remarkable blend of driving rhythms, high-impact horns, and stirring lyrics delivered by an array of expressive vocalists…Incognito’s urban sound is now and has always been a unique and feisty hybrid of funk, brass, retro soul and jazz, and this new album perfectly showcases the true ensemble energy that for years has made Incognito, and Jean-Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick alike, such an influential force in the music world.” Smooth Jazz Network

“…the band excels at its particular sound, a unique fusion of funk and jazz. Although Tales from the Beach marks their debut on new label Heads Up, longtime fans can be reassured the move has not altered their musical style… Overall, Tales from the Beach fits quite well within the Incognito catalog. Longtime fans will enjoy their familiar sound, while new listeners will enjoy their cool, laid-back beats. The band has never departed from their signature sound, and in this case, this familiarity is quite welcome.”

“In their latest album, Tales from the Beach, UK-based acid jazz band, Incognito, presents a sensually-rhythmic, optimistic collection of hits. Packed with 15 tracks that range from romantic ballads to upbeat jazz fusion numbers, Incognito produces a successful album, one that effectively showcases the musical talent of the group…There is virtually no weak track in Tales from the Beach, and while the album flows effortlessly from one track to another, each track is distinct enough to avoid monotony. Incognito is clearly a permanent presence in the music scene, with good reason: clear vocals combined with positive grooves equals musical success.” The

“Tales From The Beach offers all ingredients of a typical Incognito album: Sultry vocals, blissful horns and terrific arrangements. A gem of musical eternity.” Smooth Jazz Daily

“The crew turns up the acid jazz vibe on this set that was recorded around the eastern hemisphere and has an upbeat vibe running throughout it. More a concept than a band at this point, the gel is pulled in the right direction for some progressive action that never gets too outside the lines. A nice workout for contemporary jazz tastes.” Midwest Record

“Tales From The Beach was recorded in Italy, Germany, Indonesia, London, and mixed in Jakarta. It is an album of 15 refreshing & uplifting songs, each beautifully crafted; with guest vocals from Maysa Leak on ‘I’ve Been Waiting’, Tony Momrelle turns in a stunning vocal on ‘When The Sun Comes Down’; with other highlights including the four to the floor stomper, ‘Step Aside’ and ‘N.O.T.’, an acid jazz-flavoured tracks with horns reminiscent of the Average White Band.” Acid Jazz

As a Leader

Jazz Funk
Capitol, EMI
Tracks: 1; Parisienne Girl. 2; Summer's Ended. 3; Shine On. 4; Wake up the City. 5; Interference. 6; Incognito. 7; Sunburn. 8; The Smile of a Child. 9; Why Don't You Believe Me?. 10; Chase the Clouds Away. 11; Walking on Wheels.
Composed by: Maunick, Williams, Doobay, Dunn, Hinds, Doobay.

Inside Life
Verve Forecast, Poligram
Talkin' Loud
Tracks: 1; Inside Life. 2; One Step to a Miracle. 3; Journey into the Sunlight. 4; Gypsy. 5; Promise You the Moon. 6; Sketches in the Dark. 7; Metropolis. 8; Love Is the Color. 9; Soho. 10; Always There. 11; Crazy for You. 12;
Composed by: Maunick, Stuart, Robinson, Hinds, Muriel, Carless, Sanctuary, Allen, Jeffrey, Laws, Bull, Henry.

Tribes Vibes + Scribes
Talkin' Loud
Tracks: 1; Colibri. 2; Change. 3; River in My Dreams. 4; Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing. 5; Magnetic Ocean. 6; I Love What You Do for Me. 7; Closer to the Feeling. 8; L' Arc en Ciel de Miles. 9; Need to Know. 10; Pyramids. 11; Tribal Vibes.
Composed by: Bull, Maunick, Wonder, Clahar, Virgi, Harvey

Talkin' Loud
Tracks: 1; Step into My Life. 2; Still a Friend of Mine. 3; Smiling Faces. 4; Where Do We Go from Here. 5; Positivity. 6; Inversions. 7; Givin' It Up. 8; Talkin' Loud. 9; Deep Waters. 10; Do Right. 11; Pieces of a Dream. 12; Thinking 'Bout Tomorrow. 13; Keep the Fires Burning
Composed by: Bull, Hinds, Maunick, Harvey, Hayden, Hope-Taylor, Beesley, Virgi

100° and Rising
Talkin' Loud, Forcast/Verve, Polygram
Tracks: 1; Where Did We Go Wrong. 2; Good Love. 3; One Hundred and Rising. 4; Roots (Back to a Way of Life). 5; Everyday. 6; Too Far Gone. 7; After the Fall [instrumental]. 8; Spellbound and Speechless. 9; I Hear Your Name. 10; Barumba [Tribute to Luiz Eça]. 11; Millenium [instrumental]. 12; Time Has Come. 13; Jacob's Ladder [instrumental].
Composed by: Bull, Maunick, Hinds, Harvey, Beesley, Crampton

Beneath the Surface
Talkin' Loud/Verve Forecast
Tracks: 1; Solar Fire. 2; Labour of Love. 3; Beneath the Surface. 4; A Shade of Blue. 5; Without You. 6; Misunderstood. 7; Hold Onto Me. 8; Living Against the River. 9; She Wears Black. 10; Fountain of Life. 11; Out of the Storm. 12; Dark Side of the Cog. 13; All That You Want Me to Be. 14; Sunchild
Composed by: Maunick, Harvey, Hope-Taylor, Daniels

No Time Like the Future
Talkin' Loud
Tracks: 1; Wild and Peaceful. 2; Get into My Groove. 3; It Ain't Easy. 4; Marrakech. 5; Fearless. 6; Nights Over Egypt. 7; Centre of the Sun. 8; More of Myself. 9; I Can See the Future. 10; Black Rain.
Composed by: Maunick, Oakenfull, Harvey, Hope- Taylor, Biggs, Wansel

Life Stranger Than Fiction
Talkin Loud, Sony International
Tracks: 1; Stay Mine. 2; Bring You Down. 3; Slow Down (Get a Grip). 4; Skin on My Skin. 5; Cut It Loose. 6; There Will Come a Day. 7; Castles in the Air. 8; Got to Know. 9; Reach Out. 10; Rivers Runnin' Black. 11; On the Road, Pt. 1. 12; On the Road, Pt. 2.
Composed by: Harvey, Maunick, Pert, Sanctuary, Oakenfull, Crampton, Hinds, Watson, Kerouac,

Who Needs Love
Pony Canyon
Dome, Narada
Tracks: 1; Can't Get You Out of My Head. 2; People at the Top. 3; Morning Sun. 4; Stone Cold Heart. 5; Cada Dia (Day by Day). 6; If You Want My Love. 7; Don't Be a Fool. 8; Byrd Plays. 9; Where Love Shines. 10; Did We Really Ever Try. 11; Blue (I'm Still Here With You). 12; Fly. 13;
Composed by: Cooper, Crampton, Glover, Maunick, Norton, Oakenfull, Rose, Thompson, Harvey, Lackey, Edwards, Grey, Sae, Weller.

Adventures in Black Sunshine
Narada, Pony Canyon, Edel
Tracks: 1; Don't Turn My Love Away. 2; Everything Your Heart Desires. 3; Close My Eyes. 4; The 25th Chapter. 5; True to Myself. 6; The Principles of Love. 7; This Thing Called Love. 8; Fences and Barriers. 9; Mindin' My Business. 10; Autumn Song. 11; Listen to the Music. 12; Mr. Jones. 13; The World Is Mine. 14; Beyond the Clouds
Composed by: Cooper, Maunick, Oakenfull, Norton, Glover, Thomson, Johnston, Harvey.

Pony Canyon, Dome
Narada Jazz
Tracks: 1; Let the Mystery Be. 2; We Got Music. 3; Come Away with Me. 4; Baby It's Alright. 5; When Tomorrow Brings You Down. 6; Jacaranda. 7; Show Me Love. 8; Will I Ever Learn?. 9; I'll Get By. 10; It's Just One of Those Things. 11; As Long as It's You.
Composed by: Cooper, Hylton, Maunick, Remy, Thomson, Glover, Oakenfull, Harvey.

Bees + Flowers + Things
Narada Jazz, Dome, Pony Canyon
Tracks: 1; Everybody Loves the Sunshine. 2; Everyday. 3; Summer in the City. 4; Always There. 5; Raise. 6; Still a Friend of Mine. 7; Tin Man. 8; Crave. 9; Deep Waters. 10; You Are Golden. 11; That's the Way of the World
Composed by: Ayers, Hinds, Maunick, Boone, Sebastian, Sebastian, Allen, Jeffrey, Laws, Oakenfull, Bull, Bunnell, Cooper, Stepney, White, White.

Tales from the Beach
Dome, Handcuts, Edel, Heads Up
Tracks: 1; Step Aside. 2; I've Been Waiting. 3; When the Sun Comes Down. 4; Love Joy Understanding. 5; I Come Alive (Rimshots and Basses). 6; Happy People. 7; N.O.T.. 8; Freedom to Love. 9; I Remember a Time. 10; It May Rain Sometime. 11; Never Look Back. 12; When Words Are Just Words. 13; Feel the Pressure. 14; Silence of My Mind. 15; Tales from the Beach.
Composed by: Hylton, Maunick, Grey, Bull, Cooper, Oakenfull, Harvey, Crampton, Momrelle.

Transatlantic RPM
Dome, Edel, P-Vine, Shanachie
Tracks: 1; Lowdown (Feat. Chaka Khan & Mario Biondi). 2; Everything That We Are (Feat. Lucky I Am). 3; 1975. 4; Your Sun My Sky (Feat. Maysa). 5; Line In The Sand (Feat. Leon Ware). 6; Gotta (Feat. Ursula Rucker). 7; Let's Fall In Love Again (Feat. John-Christian Urich (Tortured Soul)). 8; The Song (Feat. Chaka Khan & Mario Biondi). 9; Put A Little Lovin' In Your Heart. 10; All Of My Life. 11; Expresso Madureira. 12; Life Ain't Nothing But A Good Thing. 13; Make Room For Love. 14; Can't Get Enough (Feat. Mario Biondi). 15; The Winter Of My Springs. 16; listen 16. Tell Me What To Do.
Composed by: William Scaggs, David Paich, Jorjão, Cláudio Stevenson, Leon Ware, Chaka Khan, Mario Biondi, John-Christian Urich, Tommy Woolfolk, Ursula Rucker, Hylton, Maunick, Bull, Cooper, Oakenfull, Biggin, Rose, Dyani


Talkin' Loud/Verve Forecast

Last Night in Tokyo, Live 1996
Import/Talkin' Loud

Blue Moods

Future Remixed
Universal/Talkin Loud

Best of Incognito
Blue Thumb

Remixed/100 Degrees and Rising

One Nation
Pony Canyon

Love X Love Who Needs Love Remixes
Pony Canyon

25th Chapter

2 in 1

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