Charlie Mariano

Born: November 12, 1923 | Died: June 16, 2009    Primary Instrument: Reeds

Charlie Mariano

Charlie Mariano is an American jazz alto saxophonist. He played with one of the Stan Kenton big bands, Toshiko Akiyoshi (his then wife), Charles Mingus, Eberhard Weber, the United Jazz and Rock Ensemble and numerous other notable musicians.

His career can easliy be divided into two. Early on he was a fixture in Boston, playing with Shorty Sherock (1948), Nat Pierce (1949-50) and his own groups. After gigging with a band co-led by Chubby Jackson and Bill Harris, Mariano toured with Stan Kenton's Orchestra (1953-55) which gave him a strong reputation. He moved to Los Angeles in 1956 (working with Shelly Manne and other West Coast jazz stars), returned to Boston to teach in 1958 at Berklee and the following year had a return stint with Kenton. After marrying Toshiko Akiyoshi, Mariano co-led a group with the pianist on and off up to 1967, living in Japan during part of the time and also working with Charles Mingus (1962-63)....
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See the Charlie Mariano Tribute website for a detailed documentation of more than 400 recordings.

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Chaouki Smahi, Charlie Mariano, Billy Cobham & Friends: La Rose du Sable

Charlie Mariano & Chaouki Smahi: Sadaka
Charlie Mariano with Philip Catherine & Jasper van't Hof: The Great Concert
Dieter Ilg & Charlie Mariano: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
Joanna Rimmer: Dedicated to.....Just Me!
Meeco: Amargo Mel

Benjamin Koppel & Charlie Mariano: Blues & Ballads
Alex Riel Quartet: Live At Stars
Julian F. Thayer, Charlie Mariano, Klaus Suonsaari: The Door Is Open
Geoff Goodman's Tabla & Strings: Song of Nature
Mark Joggerst: Silence
Mariano ~ Ilg ~ Sinesi: Live im Intermezzo Hauzenberg
Mariano ~ Schenk ~ Shotham: The Tamarind Tree

Ingeborg Bachmann: Gedichte & Prosa
Julio Cortázar: Der Verfolger
Sabine van Baaren: Whatever Comes
Mariono ~ Hübner ~ Beirach: Beauty
Charlie Mariano: Silver Blue

Mike Mainieri feat. Charlie Mariano: Crescent
Susmita Ghosh & Gerald Dorsch: Indian Roots
Ulla van Daelen: Metharphosis
Charlie Mariano & R.A. Ramamani: Om Keshav
Charlie Mariano & Mike Herting: The Music Of Charlie Mariano
KCP 5: Many Ways
Sadao Watanabe: Sadao & Charlie Again
Charlie Mariano & Quique Sinesi: Ecos Del Alma
Johannes Schenk & friends feat. C. Mariano: as time goes B.A.C.H. II
max.bab & Charlie Mariano: max.bab & Charlie Mariano

Dieter Ilg & Charlie Mariano: Due
Rolf Zielke: Hot Impressions
Charlie Mariano & Vitold Rek (feat. Peter Reiter): Cathedral Vol. 1

Brothers Smahi & Charlie Mariano: Jazz meets North African Rhythms
Tobias Sudhoff: Polarlichter
Charlie Mariano: When the Sun Comes Out
Thorsten Klentze Quintet feat. Charlie Mariano: Präludium
Dieter Ilg & Charlie Mariano: Eisenhans
Charlie Mariano: meets New On The Corner & Würzburger Streichquartett
Martin Sasse Trio & Charlie Mariano: Good Times
Charlie Mariano & Vitold Rek: Opus Absolutum
Elemér Balázs Group: Our World's Beyond

Mariano ~ Haurand ~ Humair: Frontier Traffic
Philippe Caillat: Groove to the standards
Charlie Mariano Quartet: Portrait of France
Modern String Quartet: MSQ vs. Charlie Mariano 17.01.02

European Jazz Ensemble: 25th Anniversary
Charlie Mariano & Dieter Ilg: A La Carte
Charlie Mariano: Deep In A Dream
Ramesh Shotham: Madras Special
Johannes Faber's Consortium: No Coincidence

Low Motion Trio: Pays-Bas
André J. Spang Group: In Between
Philippe Caillat: Chansons sans parole
WDR Big Band Köln ~ C.M. ~ KCP ~ Mike Herting: Sketches Of Bangalore
Jasper van't Hof & Charlie Mariano: Brutto Tempo
Charlie Mariano & Quique Sinesi: Tango para Charlie
Johannes Schenk & friends feat. C. Mariano: as time goes B.A.C.H.
Charlie Mariano: Not Quite A Ballad
Quique Sinesi: Color Cielo

Monday Michiru: Double Image
Matucana feat. Charlie Mariano & Quique Sinesi: Ritual
Ivan Paduart: True Stories
Matucana feat. Charlie Mariano & Alex Acuña: Isla Negra
European Jazz Trio feat. Charlie Mariano: Libertango
Thorsten Klentze: Mariano
Moka Efti: Fata Morgana

Sema & Taksim: Gülnihal
Charlie Mariano: Charlie Mariano's Nassim
Claudio Angeleri: Tourist Point Of View
Philippe Caillat: Let's make music!
Theo Jörgensmann: Fellowship
Charlie Mariano: Savannah Samurai
Charlie Mariano featuring Ramamani: Charlie Mariano's Bangalore

Andreas Lonardoni Group: Snooze
Euro Quintet feat. C. Mariano & Benny Bailey: Concerto Pour Une Voix
Dissidenten feat. Charlie Mariano: Live in Europe
Charlie Mariano: Spanish Impression
Enrique Diaz: Sin Tiempo

Dream Sessions '97 - Euro American All Stars: Old Montmartre
European Jazz Ensemble: 20th Anniversary Tour
Charlie Mariano Quartet: An American In Italy
= Charlie Mariano & Milan Trio: Summertime in Venice
Aschaffenburger Jazzbigband: Bluesin' For A Cruisin'
Pork Pie: Operanoïa

Charlie Mariano ~ Gregor Josephs Quartet: Lustinseln
Thorsten Klentze Quartet: Tigrib

Charlie Mariano w/ Stephan Diez & Walt Sandis: From me to you
Heiri Känzig: Grace Of Gravity
Rabih Abou-Khalil: The Sultan's Picnic

Ramesh Shotham's Bhavani feat. Charlie Mariano: Open Hand
Christoph Stiefel: Ancient Longing
Vince Mendoza: Sketches
Charlie Mariano: Mariano & Friends: Seventy
Charlie Mariano: Adagio
Mike Gibbs Orchestra: By The Way ...

Konstantin Wecker: Uferlos
Werner Hucks: Dreamtime
Charlie Mariano w/ Carlo Mombelli: Somewhere, Out There
Philippe Caillat: Stream of Time
Charlie Mariano & Mal Waldron Trio: New Horizon
Carlo Mombelli's Abstractions: Dancing In A Museum
Mariano ~ Josephs ~ del Fra ~ Breuer: Warum bist du traurig
Rabih Abou-Khalil: Blue Camel
Jan Fryderyk: Two Concerts In Cologne

Udo Sailer: Salierzyklus
Various Artists: The International Commission For The Prevention Of Musical Border Control
Charlie Mariano & Mal Waldon Trio: Autumn Dreams
Charlie Mariano & Jasper van't Hof: Innuendo
Konstantin Wecker: Classics
Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass: Friends And Silhouettes
Charlie Mariano & Stephan Diez: Friends

Sema & Taksim: Istanbul'u Dinliyorum
Dauner ~ Mariano ~ Saluzzi: Live In Concert
Carlo Mombelli & Charlie Mariano: Happy Sad
Konstantin Wecker und die Band: Konzert '90
André Jaume & Charlie Mariano: Abbaye de l'epau

Mike Herting: Who Owns Brazil
Konstantin Wecker: Stilles Glück, trautes Heim
Charlie Mariano with Tete Montoliu Trio: It's Standard Time Vol. 2
Charlie Mariano with Tete Montoliu Trio: It's Standard Time Vol. 1
Charlie Mariano and The Karnataka College of Percussion: Live
Dauner ~ Mariano ~ Saluzzi: Pas De Trois
Chris Hinze: Inner Reflections

K. Wecker ~ Mercedes Sosa ~ Joan Baez: Three Voices: Live In Concert
Chris Hinze: Seas Of Innocence
Dauner ~ Mariano ~ Saluzzi: One night in '88
Konstantin Wecker: Ganz schön Wecker
Stefan Bauer: Silent Witness

Charlie Mariano: Mariano
Chris Hinze: Meditation And Mantras Vol. 2
Various Artists: Water Is Life Band
Konstantin Wecker & die Band: Live In Austria
The United Jazz + Rock Ensemble: Round Seven

Embryo feat. R. Shotam & C. Mariano: Live 1986 Theaterfabrik, Munich
Paolo Damiani: Silenzi Osceni
Konstantin Wecker: Wieder dahoam
Harvie Swartz: Smart Moves
Rabih Abou-Khalil: Between Dusk And Dawn
Wolfgang Dauner & Charlie Mariano: Meditation On A Landscape - Tagore

Jon Hiseman: About Time Too!
Charlie Mariano Group: Plum Island

Shigihara ~ Mariano ~ Wells ~ Küttner: Tears Of Sound
Various Artists: World Music Meeting
The United Jazz + Rock Ensemble: United Live Opus Sechs
Herbert Grönemeyer: 4630 Bochum
Peter Finger: Neue Wege

Fryderyk ~ Mariano ~ Alarcon: Trio
Various Artists: Leverkusener Jazztage '83
George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band: Theatre
Charlie Mariano & The KCP feat. R.A. Ramamani: Jyothi

Mariano|van Rooyen|Schwab|Weber|Kovacev: Some Kind Of Changes
Fredy Studer: Seven Songs
Thilo von Westernhagen: Forgotten Gardens
Thilo von Westernhagen: Theatre
Philip Catherine: End Of August

Pierre Moerlen's Gong: Leave It Open
The United Jazz + Rock Ensemble: Live in Berlin

Soundtrack: Kaltgestellt
Mariano ~ van't Hof ~ Andersen ~ Vesala: Tea For Four
Runo Ericksson: Runo Ericksson's Omnibus
Rolf Kühn: Cucu Ear
Eberhard Weber's Colours: Little Movements

Charlie Mariano: Crystal Bells
The United Jazz + Rock Ensemble: The Break Even Point
Volker Kriegel & Mild Maniac Orchestra: Long Distance

Rolf Kühn: Rolf Kühn
Catherine ~ Mariano ~ van't Hof: Sleep, My Love
Osiris feat. Toto Blanke & Charlie Mariano: Live In Schwerin
Rolf Kühn: Symphonie Swampfire
The United Jazz + Rock Ensemble: Teamwork

Eberhard Weber: Silent Feet
Charlie Mariano: October
Various Artists: NDR Jazzworkshop '77
Mike Nock: Magic Mansions
Bob Thiele: The Mysterious Flying Orchestra
The United Jazz + Rock Ensemble: Live im Schützenhaus

Chris Hinze: The Parcival Live Concert
Charlie Mariano: Helen 12 Trees
George Gruntz: The Band
Embryo: Live

Embryo: Bad Heads And Bad Cats
Eberhard Weber: Yellow Fields
Philip Catherine: Guitars
Pork Pie: The Door Is Open
Various Artists: New Jazz Festival Hamburg '75
Charlie Mariano: Jac's Group feat. Charlie Mariano

Embryo: Surfin'
Mike Gibbs: The Only Chrome Waterfall Orchestra
Philip Catherine: September Man
Toto Blanke: Spider's Dance
Pork Pie: Transitory
Edward Vesala: Nan Madol
George Gruntz Jazz Combo: Monster Sticksland Meeting Two
Charlie Mariano: Reflections
Various Artists: Solo's and Duo's
Charlie Mariano: Cascade

Supersister: Iskander
Sigi Busch: Age Of Miracles
Bartz ~ Konitz ~ Mariano ~ McLean: Altissimo
Embryo & Mal Waldron & Charlie Mariano: 29.6.73 in Hamburg

Embryo: We Keep On

Mariano ~ Hinze: Charlie Mariano with the Chris Hinze Combination
= Mariano ~ Hinze: Blue Stone
Charlie Mariano: Mirror

Soundtrack: Steppenwolf (Hermann Hesse)
Osmosis: Osmosis

Arif Mardin: Glass Onion
Sadao Watanabe & Charlie Mariano: We Got a New Bug

Charlie Mariano: Folk Soul
Sadao Watanabe & Charlie Mariano: Iberian Waltz
Sadao Watanabe: Nabesada And Charlie
= Charlie Mariano & Sadao Watanabe

Chico Hamilton: The Further Adventures Of El Chico

Jimmy Ricks: Vibrations
The Modern Jazz Quartet And The All-Star Jazz Band: Jazz Dialogue
Elvin Jones: Dear John C.
Carmen McRae: Haven't We Met?
Irene Reid: Room For One More

Maynard Ferguson: The Blues Roar
Carmen McRae: The 1964 Orchestra Recordings
Carmen McRae: I Want You
Carmen McRae: Alfie
Toshiko Mariano: T. M. & Her Big Band - Recorded In Tokyo
Charlie Mariano: Jazz Inter-Session

Charlie Mariano: A Jazz Portrait Of Charlie Mariano
McCoy Tyner: Live At Newport
Toshiko Akiyoshi: Miwaku No Jazz (Fascinating Jazz)
Toshiko Mariano: Toshiko Mariano Quartet
Toshiko Akiyoshi and Charlie Mariano: East & West
Charles Mingus: The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady
Charles Mingus: Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus

Sal Salvador Big Band: You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet
Charles Mingus: The Complete Town Hall Concert
Stan Kenton And His Orchestra: More Mellophonium Moods
Stan Kenton: Mellophonium Moods
Stan Kenton And His Orchestra: At The Holiday Ballroom, Northbrook, Chicago, Illinois, 1962

Toshiko Mariano: Toshiko Mariano Quartet
Anthony Zano Orchestra: The Gathering Place
Toshiko Mariano: Toshiko Mariano Quartet Live At Birdland

Stan Kenton, June Christy, Four Freshmen: Road Show
Stan Kenton: Viva Kenton!
Stan Kenton: Standards in Silhouette
Stan Kenton: Stan Kenton In New Jersey
Stan Kenton And His Orchestra: At March Field Air Force Base

Various Artists: Jazz In The Classroom Vol. 2
Herb Pomeroy: Band In Boston
Irene Kral & Herb Pomeroy Orchestra: The Band And I
Bill Holman: In A Jazz Orbit

Charlie Mariano ~ Jerry Dodgion Sextet: Beauties of 1918
Manny Albam: Manny Albam And The Jazz Greats Of Our Time
Shelly Manne: Vol. 2
Mel Lewis: Mel Lewis Sextet
Howard Lucraft: Showcase For Modern Jazz
Jacky And Roy w/ Bill Holman's Orchestra: Free And Easy
Quincy Jones: Go West, Man!
Stan Kenton Orchestra: Kenton With Voices
Shelly Manne & His Men: The Gambit

Soundtrack: Theme music from "The James Dean Story"
Johnny Richards and His Orchestra: Softly ... Wild ... and Something Else!
Shelly Manne And His Men: More Swinging Sounds
Shorty Rogers And His Giants: The Big Shorty Rogers Express
Stan Getz | Shelly Manne: Stan Getz | Shelly Manne
Herb Ellis: Ellis in Wonderland
Shelly Manne & His Men: Swinging Sounds
Russ Garcia: Russ Garcia's Wigville Band (feat. Peggy Connelly)

Russ Garcia: Wigville
Max Bennett and friends feat. Carl Fontana: Max Is The Factor
Max Bennett: Max Bennett
Stan Kenton: Contemporary Concepts
Charlie Mariano: Charlie Mariano
Stan Kenton: Live At Palo Alto
Stan Kenton: Live at the Soldiers Club, Fort Ord, Monterey, California 1955
Max Bennett: Hence! home, you idle creatures, get you home: and lend an ear to Max Bennett
Stan Kenton: Stan Kenton Orchestra
Herbie Harper: Herbie Harper
Bobby Scott: The Compositions Of Bobby Scott, 2
Stu Williamson: The Trumpet Artistry Of Stu Williamson
Stu Williamson: Stu Williamson Plays
Stu Williamson: Sapphire
John Graas: Jazz Studio 3
Helen Carr: ...down in the depth of the 90th floor

Stan Kenton: Festival Of Modern American Jazz
Serge Chaloff: plays the fable of Mabel
Bill Holman: The Fabulous Bill Holman His Octet & Orchestra
Frank Rosolino: Frank Rosolino
Stan Kenton Orchestra: Festival Of Modern American Jazz

Charlie Mariano: Swingin' With Mariano
Charlie Mariano: Charlie Mariano Plays
Charlie Mariano Quintet: Boston Days
Charlie Mariano: Charlie Mariano Plays
Charlie Mariano: Charlie Mariano Plays
Nat Pierce ~ Dick Collins | Charlie Mariano: The Nat Pierce ~ Dick Collins Nonet | The Charlie Mariano Sextet
Charlie Mariano: Charlie Mariano
Chubby Jackson & Bill Harris: The Jackson ~ Harris Herd
Charlie Mariano: Boston All Stars

Charlie Mariano: Boston All Stars
Charlie Mariano: The New Sounds From Boston

Charlie Mariano: Charlie Mariano with his Jazz Group

Serge Chaloff ~ Ralph Burns Septet

Nat Pierce: Orchestra feat. Charlie Mariano, Ralph Burns, Teddi King, 1948-1950

Ray Borden: Ray Borden Orchestra


Manny Albam: Complete Recordings (Jazz Greats Of Our Time)
Chet Baker: Each Day Is Valentine's Day
Chet Baker: Chet Baker in Paris
Frieder Berlin: Ein Komponistenportrait
Serge Chaloff: Memorial: We The People Bop
Serge Chaloff: The Baritone Sax Master
Serge Chaloff: The Complete Serge Chaloff Sessions
Serge Chaloff: The Complete Small Group Bop Sessions
June Christy: The Best Of June Christy
Dauner-Mariano-Saluzzi: One Night in 88 / Pas de trois
Embryo: Antholgy
Embryo: Every Day Is Okay
Four Freshmen: The Complete Capitol Four Freshmen Fifties Sessions
Wolfgang Haffner: Music
Ali Haurand: Ballads
Chris Hinze: Ambient Opera Ibiza Remix
Quincy Jones: This Is How I Feel About Jazz
Stan Kenton: Big Sounds from the Small Screen
Stan Kenton: Concepts Era Live!
Stan Kenton: Horns Of Plenty Vol. 3, Stan Kenton Orchestra and Trinity Big Band
Stan Kenton: Live At Newport [1959 - 1963 - 1971]
Stan Kenton: Retrospective
Stan Kenton: Revelations
Stan Kenton: The Best Of Stan Kenton
Stan Kenton: The Complete Capitol Studio Recordings of Stan Kenton 1943-1947
Stan Kenton: The Complete Capitol Recordings of the Holman & Russo Charts
Teddi King: 1949-1954
Rolf & Joachim Kühn: music for two brothers
Shelly Manne: Combinations [1954-1956]
Shelly Manne: Here That's Manne, Septet & Quintet Sessions 1051-1958 [Box Set]
Shelly Manne: The Best Of Shelly Manne
Carmen McRae: The Ultimate Carmen McRae
Charles Mingus: Charles Mingus
Charles Mingus: Charles Mingus's finest hour
Charles Mingus: The Impulse Story
Charles Mingus: Ken Burns Jazz
Modern Jazz Quartet: The Art Of The Modern Jazz Quartet – The Atlantic Years
Lennie Niehaus: Quintet & Octet
Charlie Parker: Bird at Birdland
Charlie Parker: Live With The Big Bands
Charlie Parker: Perfect Complete Collection
Charlie Parker: The Quintessence Vol. 2: New York / Los Angeles / Toronto 1947
Shorty Rogers And His Orchestra: West Coast Sounds (Featuring The Giants 1950-1956)
Frank Rosolino Quartet: Featuring Sonny Clark Complete Recordings
Hideo Shiraki: Play The Funky!
Fredy Studer & Christy Doran: Half A Lifetime
McCoy Tyner: The Impulse Story
United Jazz + Rock Ensemble: Highlights 1 & 2
United Jazz + Rock Ensemble: Plays Albert Mangelsdorff
United Jazz + Rock Ensemble: Plays Barbara Thompson
United Jazz + Rock Ensemble: Plays Volker Kriegel
United Jazz + Rock Ensemble: Plays Wolfgang Dauner
Mal Waldron: Portrait: Left Alone
Eberhard Weber: Colours
Eberhard Weber: Selected Recordings
Eberhard Weber: Works
Konstantin Wecker: Alles das und mehr

Various Artists

25 Years Ostsee Jazz Festival
Acid Grooves, Vol. 2
ACT: Magic Moments 3 CD Box
after Dark jazz ballads for the wee small hours
Atelier musical del Ventesimo secolo
Ballads 3 (The enja World of Jazz 3)
Ballads 3CD Box (The enja World of Jazz)
Best Bethlehem 100
Best From The West: Modern Sounds From California, Vol. 1
Best From The West: Modern Sounds From California, Vol. 2
Birthday Presents For Albert M.
Birthday Presents For Charlie M.
Blow It Up, Audio's Audiophile Vol. 03
blue moves 4 (more erotic jazz)
blue night special
Boston, Jazz in Beantown 1951-1955
Brave New Music – The Crossover Music Nation
Capitol 50th Anniversary Jazz Box
CMP Records, Music by...
Contemporary Solo Sax / Flugel / Vibes
Cool Jazz – New York 1947-1949
Eastern & Hip
Echo: Deutscher Musikpreis Jazz 2010
Ethnic 2000 Vol. 2
Europafest: Jazz Highlights
Fire into Music, Vol. 3: The Best of Impulse!
Future Sounds of MPS
Guitar Zone
Intuition: Essentials
Jazz Best Coast
jazz cafe volume 2
Jazz City Presents Bethlehem Jazz Session
Jazz-Club Alto Sax
JAZZ ever! sax
JAZZ im Gärtnerplatz 2000
Jazz Latino
Jazz Style 1
Jazz West Coast Vol. 4
Jazzin' the Black Forest
Joachim-Ernst Berendt: Was ist Jazz?
Kenton Presents: Bob Cooper, Bill Holman & Frank Rosolino
Live At The Blue Note, Chicago, March 1953
Lone Hill Jazz Collection: Jazz Greats #1
Magic Moments: The Ultimate ACT World Jazz Anthology Vol. IV
Manne Getz Zoot: Live 1956 & 1957
Masters of Jazz, Vol. 4: Big Bands of the 50s & 60s
Mercury Living Presence
Modern Sounds From California, Historic Recordings 1954-1957
Conte Candoli: Modern Sounds From The West
Mood Sampler
New Spirits In Jazz
Perspective '92
Pop Jazz International
Power Beats
Psychedelic Jazz And Soul
Rhapsody In Blue: Blue Note Plays The Music Of George and Ira Gershwin
Sound Trip India
Spots 15
Spots 18
Standards On Bethlehem
Stories for Friends: 75 Years Joachim-Ernst Berendt
Swing in Classic
That Devilin' Tune, A Jazz History [1895-1950], Volume 4 (of 4), [1946-1951]
The Best of Polish Jazz
The Blues In Stereo
The Definitive Jazz Scene Volume 3
The First Decade I (Nabel Records promotion CD)
The Jazz Club Highlights 1990
The Jazz Scene: San Francisco
The Message - 14 Jazz Masterpieces From the Affinity Catalogue
The More We Know: 30 Years of Enja Records
The World Of Drums And Percussion Vol. 2
The World Of Intuition 2
The World Of Jazz
The World Music Album
visions of music
Water Is Life
We'll Remember Zbiggy
West Coast Jazz, Hermosa Beach 1951-1954
West Coast Jazz Box


Steppenwolf (1974)
Kaltgestellt (1980)
Ungleicher Lohn (1982)
Meditation On A Landscape: Tagore (1986)

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