Paulo Moura

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Born: February 15, 1929 | Died: July 12, 2010    Primary Instrument: Clarinet

Paulo Moura

One of Brazil's best proponents and keepers of the gafieira tradition (popular ballrooms historically linked to the Carioca folklore tradition of highly artistic and swinging dancing and playing) and one of the best choro players, Paulo Moura is an internationally awarded musician whose high standards make it easy for him to cross boundaries between classical and popular music, both performing and arranging in small ensembles or large symphonic orchestras. As a conductor, orchestrator, and arranger for famous Brazilian singers, he includes in his resumé works for Elis Regina, Fagner, Taiguara, Milton Nascimento, and Marisa Monte....
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AfroBossaNova - Paulo Moura e Armandinho
Biscoito Fino - 2009

Pra cá e pra lá - Paulo Moura trilha Jobim e Gershwin
Biscoito Fino - 2008

Samba de latada - Josildo Sá e Paulo Moura
Rob Digital - 2007

O som de Dorival Caymmi / Paulo Moura e Ociladocê
Biscoito Fino - 2007

Fibra, 1971 - Coleção Galeria
Atração - 2007

Quarteto, 1969 - Coleção Galeria
Atração - 2007

Hepteto, 1968 - Coleção Galeria
Atração - 2007

Gafieira Jazz - Paulo Moura & Cliff Korman
Rob Digital - 2006

Dois panos para manga - João Donato e Paulo Moura
Biscoito Fino - 2006

El negro del blanco
Biscoito Fino - 2004

Estação Leopoldina
Rob Digital - 2002

Gafieira Dance Brasil / The Paulo Moura & Cliff Korman Ensemble
Almonds & Roses Music - 2001

Rob Digital - 2001

Mood Ingenuo - Paulo Moura & Cliff Korman
Jazzheads - 1999

Pixinguinha - Paulo Moura e Os Batutas
Rob Digital - 1998

Paulo Moura visita Gershwin & Jobim - Rhapsody in Bossa
Pau Brasil - 1998

Wagner Tiso e Paulo Moura
Tom Brasil - 1996

Cinema Odeon - Clara Sverner e Paulo Moura
Selo Ergo - 1996

Paulo Moura e Ociladocê interpretam Dorival Caymmi
Caju Music - 1992

Rio Nocturne
Messidor - 1992

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Featured recording “AfroBossaNova - Paulo Moura e...”

AfroBossaNova - Paulo Moura e...
Biscoito Fino (2009)

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