Bern Nix

Primary Instrument: Guitar

Bern Nix

Bern Nix has played the guitar since the age of 11. Bern studied music and graduated with a degree in music education from the Berklee College of Music. Since 1985, he has led The Bern Nix Trio. Before leading his Trio, Bern performed and recorded with Ornette Coleman

Ornette Coleman
Ornette Coleman
sax, alto
from 1975 to 1987 as an original member of the Prime Time Band...
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Ornette Coleman: Dancing In Your Head 1977 Horizon Records & Tapes.

Julius Hemphill: Wildflowers 4: The New York Loft Sessions , Pensive Douglas 1977

Ornette Coleman: Body Meta , Artists House 1978

Jayne Cortez & The Firespitters: Unsubmissive Blues. Bola Press 10/1 1979

Ronald Shannon Jackson: Eye On You ,About Time Records1980

James Chance and the Contortions: Live In New York Danceteria 1980-1981.

Kip Hanrahan:Coup De Tete American Clavé 1981

Jayne Cortez and The Firespitters: There It Is. Bola Press. 7/22/1982.

Jayne Cortez: Life Is A Killer I See Chano Pozo Giorno Poetry Systems 1982

Ornette Coleman:Of Human Feelings Antilles 1982

Jemeel Moondoc: Nostalgia In Times Square Soul Note 1986.

Ornette Coleman: In All Languages. Caravan of Dreams. 1987.

Ornette Coleman: Virgin Beauty: 1988.

Ornette Coleman: Jazzbühne Berlin '88 Vol. 5 Repertoire Records. 1990.

Jayne Cortez-Everywhere Drums Bola Press 9001 USA

CD NYC, Sound Ideas Studios 6/21/90 Sovietskoe Foto: Sex, SPV Recordings 1992

Bern Nix Trio: Alarms and Excursions: New World Recordings 1993.

Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters-Cheerful & Optimistic Bola Press 9401 USA CD NYC, Polarity 2/22/94 3/14/94

Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters-Taking the Blues Back Home Harmolodic 314 531 918 USA CD Harlem, NY, Harmolodic Studios 1996

Jemeel Moondoc & Jus Grew Orchestra: Spirit House, Eremite Records 2000.

Jayne Cortez-Borders of Disorderly Time Bola Press 2003 USA CD NYC, Harmolodic Studios 5/26/2002 7/29/2002 8/23/2002

Frank Lowe Quartet Lowe-down & Blue CIMP 275 USA CD Rossie, NY, The Spirit Room 9/16/2002

Jemeel Moondoc & Jus Grew Orchestra: Live at the Vision Festival. Ayler Records. 2003

Bern Nix: Imaginational Anthem Low Barometer 2005. Tompkins Square Records.

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Featured recording “Low Barometer”

Low Barometer
Tompkins Square (2007)

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