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    "its great for all us lovers of great music that you guys do what you do !"

    Heads South

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    "Thank you AAJ for all the beautiful work you have been doing all these years!"

    Ada Rovatti

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    "All About Jazz is about about helping musicians..."

    Mike Armando

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    "AAJ is the best Jazz website"

    Andres v Lopez

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    "Michael Ricci and his staff have been professional and thorough in their work since their inception as a web site. During the past several years I have seen their growth and development as a site become more inclusive, expansive, and driven to sustain a more high quality content. They are to be commended for their consistently conscientious work towards a more easily navigated site, and a site that continually adds new resources to serve the musicians and the general readers and fan base. Thanks AAJ —- I look forward to working with you in the future, and in any other capacity that might develop to the mutual benefit of our respected roles in the service of the music. Sincerely, Chris Greco"

    Chris Greco

  • "Thanks for the info that we find on jour site. Greetings, De Bleye Geert Play's: Bodran, conga, cajun, bongo, .... and backing vocal "The new planet jazz band" / "The flying dolphins" / "Bleusandekoaye""

    de bleye

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    "The best Jazz site ever! Essential for Jazz musicians AND jazz lovers! I'm glad to present my music here."

    Michaela Rabitsch

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    "AAJ is a class act and primo jazz website and resource!"

    Tony Thompson

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    ""Great to be a part of the Jazz community""

    Simone Gubbiotti

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    "AAJ is a fantastic place to learn about and enjoy America's only original art form."

    Charlie Harrington

  • "First for jazz information"


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    "The Best Jazz resource!"

    Roman Miroshnichenko

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    "INCREDIBLE ! What a nice welcome to enter in Jazz musicians community !"

    Dimitri Gollety

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    "AAJ is where I go to get all the latest info on the jazz scene!"

    Laurie Antonioli

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    "Great Jazz Website....Hoping to enjoy more of it."

    Paul Van Ross

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    "I'm really just beginning to utilize the tools that AAJ has to offer! Thank you for making the contributions I can offer more visable! Carole Troll Jazz Vocalist, Professional Actor, Writer and Entrepreneur"

    Carole Troll

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    "AllAboutJazz is the the online center of the the jazz universe. It's the first place to look for news about your favorite players."

    Sunna Gunnlaugs

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    "Awesome site for keeping up with the jazz scene, and supporting other musicians. It really is ALL ABOUT JAZZ! Outstanding!"

    Jeron White

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    "This is the best forum for jazz music, news and entertainment."

    Jamila Ford

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    "AAJ has been very helpful and supportive of my career path in providing exposure to potential audiences now and in the future. Richard Hart Jazz Guitarist Innervision Records"

    Richard W. Hart

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