Simeon Harris

Primary Instrument: Guitar

Simeon Harris

Name: Simeon Harris

Instrument: Guitar

Influences: Allan Holdsworth, David Torn, Eivind Aarset, Michael Brook, Robert Fripp

Bands / Projects: Monkjack, Zillo

Albums: Realms of Elements (2001) The Assessment (2003) Mechanoia (2004) Captured (2006) The Assessment (Alternity release 2006) eScape (2010)

Other Releases: Improvising Bass Guitar (Registry Publications - 2001)

Guest Appearances: Shur-I-Kan - Waypoints (2004)

Biggest Gig: Supporting Maceo Parker at The Forum in Kentish Town, London with The Mongoose Funk Band (1999)

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Featured recording “eScape”

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Reviews for The Assessment

U.K. guitarist Simeon Harris follows in the footsteps of guitar innovators like David Torn and Robert Fripp in his approach to the way technology can be subverted to his six-string needs. Loops and electronics form the bed on which his lyrical, effects-heavy guitar tosses, turns and rolls. Buoyed by samples of UFO researcher Robert Dean (the record is sort of a concept piece about U.S. alien research), Harris combines his love for his explorative idols with his background in U.K. funk bands to produce accessible, often mesmerizing instrumentals like “Intron” and “Thirty Metres Across.” Creative and thought-provoking, The Assessment is above all a pleasure to hear. Michael Tolan, High Bias LiveJournal (2006)

An irresistibly powerful groove! A great rocking debut for one of the UK’s up and coming producers/musicians. The Assessment’s verite account of Robert Dean’s intelligence revelations offers us a glimpse of the reality which inpired TV shows like the X-files. And it’s an inspired meeting of electronica and rock music besides - make way for Simeon Harris’ brand of future groove… Steve Chagollan, Daily Variety (2006)

One of the best electronic recordings I’ve heard recently - the production is really amazing. Allan Holdsworth, guitar legend (2006)

Reviews for Captured

Simeon transcends guitar into Breath of Consciousness with a Brave Beautiful Record, Exploring Emotional Waves of the Cerebral. Billy Bates, Scotland (2004)

I just received a copy of Captured, the new album of London based guitarist and fellow looper Simeon Harris. This is the most beautiful soundscape album I've heard in quite a while, maybe since Leander Reininghaus's incredible Starscapes space music album. Most tracks feature broad orchestral sweeps of heavily Eventide treated guitar, some of them over minimalist patterns or drum/bass rhythms. An album of delicate and beautiful sounds and dense haunting and uplifting atmospheres. Definitely recommended! Michael Peters, Germany (2004)

Reviews for Mechanoia

A great album for fans of postmodern guitar - The production quality of Mechanoia is top notch. Really, you couldn't ask for a better sounding record. I really like it and have listened to it repeatedly. All in all, Simeon Harris offers up a pleasant and substantial contribution to the genre of postmodern guitar. A terrific outing worthy of an “A”. (5/5) Mark Worrel - Kronosonic (2004)

Intellectual Music - From start to end Mechanoia takes you on a journey to some places familar and some further and beyond imagination. Perfect use of sounds and textures. Eno and Fripp with a modern approach and in my opinion better sound quality. (5/5) Robbie Sloan - Caledonian Records (2004)

Otherworldly, ancient times and times still to be - haunting rhythms, collections of sounds, thoughts of impending battle, and a feeling of intense energy! Lunar in landscape, but kicks in hard! (4/5) Carolyn Bradley (2004)

Original, inspiring and thought-provoking - impressive production, good songwriting, and each track conjures up a new story in the listener's mind. An album to experience. (4/5) Polaroid Migraine (2004)

Fine blend of guitars and electronica - An enjoyable ride into the realm of processed guitars and future beats. Mechanoia delivers solid, energetic tracks with a slightly funky and experimental flair. It will definitely keep your mind engaged. Well crafted guitar and FX work and studio chops make this a trip worth taking. (4/5) Polar1 (2004)

Great low end - Really a great listen. Excellent guitar playing topped with nice effects. Somewhere between Bill Frisell and (sorry:) Robert Fripp. Did I mention a nice low end!! (5/5) James Sidlo (2004)

Reviews for eScape

Fans of ambient textures will find plenty to dive into here, but there's much more than that at work. Guitarists with exploratory ears will find just as much substance in Simeon Harris's compositions and techniques. His smooth solos and spiderweb arpeggios work perfectly in the electronic settings which are always musical and tuneful. After Night Falls is a prime example, with chilled out dubby tempos. A winning example of how guitars can work with electronica genres. David Nicholas/Sansyou (2010)

By turns gritty, smooth, beaty and melodic, “eScape” is relentlessly atmospheric. Simeon Harris projects a detailed sonic landscape and invites the audience to explore it fully. Great work! Tim Durkin (2010)

Been a big fan since I discovered Simeon's music a few years back and also his terrific demos of the Eventide Eclipse and TC G Force. His music is atmospheric and spatially gorgeous. Listen to the new record with headphones, you will be in for a treat. I have only sampled a few tracks so far but the interplay of guitars and technology is not only astounding but beautiful. I get lost in his music everytime I listen. Todd Richman (2010)

Wow!!! What a sonic adventure! i thought your last cd was great but i think you outdid yourself. Amazing production, tones, writing, programming, and playing! Jack Broad (2010)

Listened to it all, at last. Excellent compositions, playing and production in every aspect. I will buy it with much pleasure. I like long flights, so I loved the sequence “eScape - After Night Falls - Techtonik” very much. Thank you. Gaetano Fontanazza (2010)

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