Robert Blennerhed is born in Gothenburg, Sweden.

He is a virtuoso Guitarplayer,Keyboardplayer and a Composer.

He made a Solocd 1994 called ”Seven” with Jens Johansson (Stratovarius) on Keyboard and his brother Anders Johansson Hammerfall) on the drums. Also, he appear on Jonas Hellborg’s CD’s Adfa and Bass. Also ,Jonas appear on Seven on the bass.

He play all kind of instruments but, the main instruments are guitar and keyboard.

He toured with several musician Like Ginger Baker(from Cream), Anders Johansson(from Hammerfall),Jonas Hellborg(Himself) and he had a band called BBRock in Sweden.

CD's Robert Appears on: 1.Make it Move(BBRock) 2.Bass(Jonas Hellborg) 3.Adfa(Jonas Hellborg) 4.Seven(SoloCd of R.B) 5.Reconnect (A. Blennerhed (Sister of Robert)) 6.Selfmade(R.Blennerhed) 7.Best of Robert Blennerhed

The new Digital CD is released: My understanding of Jazz



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