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Aimée Allen

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Aimée Allen's intimate connection with music began as a child. Her childhood was literally scored with classic jazz, because her mother kept selections from the tradition on the family turntable. This influence can be heard in Aimée's musical style and interpretation. But listeners can also hear Aimée's individual voice, nuanced and sparkling with soul and sensuality. Though singing was a part of her childhood, Aimée first began singing professionally with jazz a cappella groups in college. After graduation, Aimée moved to Paris where she performed regularly in jazz clubs and festivals

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“A fully fledged composer, lyricist and vocalist, her ideas are filled with depth and meaning and her lyrics profoundly unique.” -Constance Tucker, All About Vocals

Truly an evolving and expansive vocal jazz artist . . .” – Geannine Reid, JazzTimes

“Allen exists as a whole, self-sustaining entity. Her round, sensuous alto has only smooth edges with a caress of warm linen. Her songwriting is top-notch . . .” – C. Michael Baily, All About Jazz


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