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Brenda Hopkins Miranda

There is always a sense of exhilaration associated with a musical artist whose time has come. When all those years of study, practice, performance and dedication reach a point of manifestation. This is precisely the case with pianist Brenda Hopkins Miranda, whose latest effort “Recuerdos de Granada” has caused quite a commotion in the Puerto Rican music scene. This is in recognition of a steady and brilliant career which has gained momentum with inspiring results.

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”Brenda Hopkins Miranda is a pianist originally from Puerto Rico whose music is a tasty blend of global influences. In addition to being a remarkable composer and arranger, Hopkins Miranda is also a formidable pianist. She creates a superb mix of European romanticism, Spanish passion and Third World heat. Ms. Hopkins mixes rhythms together with the intensity of a mad scientist and comes up with something quite unlike any other ethnic Jazz mixture out there.” -Jerome Wilson - Cadence Magazine

“Pianista, educadora, compositora, arreglista y persona largamente vinculada al quehacer cultural del pais, Brenda Hopkins Miranda es una de nuestras jazzistas más destacadas

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