Jazzland by Tim Warfield

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Tim Warfield

Label: Criss Cross
Released: 2018
Duration: 01:08:50
Views: 208

Track Listing

#1;Lennie's Lens#2;Theme For Malcom#3; Sleeping Dancer, Sleep On#4;Ode to Billie Joe#5;He Knows How Much I can Bear#6; Tenderly#7; Shake It for Me#8; Wade In the Water#9; Hipty Hop


Tim Warfield
Tim Warfield

saxophone, tenor

Additional Personnel / Information

#1:Tenor&Soprano sax;Tim Warfield#2:Trumpet&Flugelhorn;TerellStafford#3:Hammond B3 Organ;PatBianchi#4:Drums;ByronLandham#5:Percussion;Daniel Sadownick

Album Description

Jazzland, is Tim Warfield's ninth Criss Cross album, and his third encounter on the label—- following 2007's One For Shirley (Criss 1304) and 2010's Sentimental Journey (Criss 1324) —- on which he frames his singular tenor and soprano saxophone sound with the magisterially funky and swinging rhythm section of Hammond B3 master Pat Bianchi, Philadelphian drum titan Byron "Wookie" Landham, augmented—— as on Sentimental Journey—-by Bronx-born percussion wizard Daniel Sadownick. Trumpet titan Terell Stafford, a frequent Warfield partner, shares the front line.


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