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Rod Harris Jr

Rod Harris Jr. is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. Rod was exposed to music at a young age by his singer/songwriter father. When Rod was 14, his father decided to relocate the family to Atlanta, GA. On his 17th birthday, his father gave him $150 dollars, and he decided to take the money and purchase an acoustic guitar. “...I don't know what provoked me to get a guitar...It had to be God...because I could've partied that money away...quickly..” he says. Once he began learning the instrument he fell in love with it and was determined to be a great player. “ ...I think my senior year, my classmates thought I was crazy...I didn't party...I literally locked myself in my room and practiced for hours...”he says. After graduating and just a year of studying guitar, he applied for the Georgia State University School of Music, and was accepted.

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