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Sonic Liberation Front meets Sunny Murray


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Sunny Murray

Label: High Two Recordings
Released: 2011
Views: 275


In # 1,2,3,4,5: Sunny Murray (batteria); Kevin Diehl (batteria, bata); Chuck Joseph (bata); Okomfo Adwoa Tacheampong (bata); Shawn Hennessy (bata); Matt Engle (basso; Terry Lawson (sax tenore); Todd Margasak (cornetta); in # 6,7,8 :Sunny Murray (batteria); Kevin Diehl (batteria, percussioni); Chuck Joseph (Iya, conga); Nichola Rivera – Itotele, Conga; Joey Toledo – Okonkolo, Perc.; Terry Lawson (sax tenore); Adam Jenkins (sax alto); Kimbal Brown (tromba); Fahir Kendall (basso).


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