A Woman's Work...

A Woman's Work...

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Joëlle Léandre

Label: Not Two Records
Released: 2017
Views: 606

Track Listing

CD 1: Les Diaboliques - Irene Schweizer / Joelle Leandre / Maggie Nicols Trio; CD 2: Joëlle Léandre & Mat Maneri Duet; CD 3: Joëlle Léandre & Lauren Newton Duet; CD 4: Joëlle Léandre & Jean-Luc Cappozzo Duet; CD 5: Joëlle Léandre & Fred Frith Duet; CD 6: Joëlle Léandre Solo; CD 7: Joëlle Léandre / Zlatko Kaučič / Evan Parker / Agustí Fernández Quartet; CD 8: Joëlle Léandre Duos with Zlatko Kaučič / Evan Parker / Agustí Fernández.


Joëlle Léandre: double bass, voice; Evan Parker: tenor saxophone; Jean-Luc Cappozzo: trumpet; Agusti Fernandez: piano; Iréne Schweizer: piano; Fred Frith: guitar; Mat Maneri: violin; Zlatko Kaucic: drums, percussion; Lauren Newton: voice; Maggie Nicols: vocals.


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