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Abbey Rader

Abbey Rader is a musician and composer who has dedicated his life to playing improvised music as part of a spiritual quest for deeper meaning. He is heavily influenced by his study of Buddhism under the tutelage of the Master Sheng Yen, beginning in 1975 at the Ch’an Center in Queens, New York. His career spans over four decades with a discography that includes 26 albums, the majority under his leadership

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“Abbey Rader is an unheralded legend of free jazz.”
-Mark Corroto,

“The intrepid and unfettered spirit of the 1960s jazz is alive and thriving in the 21st century and works by the likes of Abbey Rader and his colleagues are the reason why.”
-Hrayr Attarian,

“Abbey Rader’s training in Chinese Buddhism and martial arts coincides well with his skills as a virtuosic, precision-driven jazz drummer. A Bronx native, Rader has shown a tremendous versatility in his artistic output. His music gleans from Eastern and African sensibilities, mixing in the bebop that has influenced him the most.”
-Jorge Velasquez, Flavorpill

“At the center of the storm sits the beatific Rader

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