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Abshalom Ben Shlomo

Abshalom ben Shlomo (born November 11, 1943) is an Israeli-American jazz saxophonist. Ben Shlomo is best known for working under the iconic jazz keyboardist and bandleader Sun Ra throughout the 1970s.

Abshalom ben Shlomo was born Virgil C. Pumphrey on November 11, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois. Ben Shlomo's first major exposure to the world of jazz came through the AACM, the esteemed Chicago arts institution. Earlier he had studied mainly under Chicago tenor sax great Joe Daley. Under his birth name Virgil Pumphrey, ben Shlomo had come to be viewed, along with a select group of musicians, as a key “first wave” participant in the AACM.

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