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Six Guys. Five Different Countries. One Sound.

They found each other on Internet through their common musical interests despite a great distance between them. Though they have been singing “together” since 2011, they had never met in person before June 2014.

Nothing says “harmony” like coming together across international borders, as they write on their Facebook page.

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”Accent is the most amazing young vocal group on the planet!” -Jorge Calandrelli, Grammy award-winning composer, arranger and orchestrator

“These guys are exceptional musicians...Their debut recording is a harbinger of a signature sound that is sure to delight audiences for years to come.” -Cedric Dent, 10-time Grammy award-winning member of TAKE 6 and Professor of Music at Middle Tennessee State University

“As creamy and luscious as vocal jazz comes...This is a slick group you'll want to keep tabs on.” -The Recorded A Cappella Review Board

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