Acid Birds Acid Birds

Acid Birds was formed in 2004 in Brooklyn, NY by Andrew Barker (drums & percussion), Jaime Fennelly (harmonium + electronics) and Charles Waters (alto saxophone & bass clarinet). NY-based Barker & Waters are both founding members of Gold Sparkle Band, and Chicago-resident Fennelly, is 1/3 of Peeesseye and performs solo as Mind Over Mirrors. Their first self-titled LP came out on the Italian label QBICO in 2009. Their second LP, Acid Birds II, was released in February 2011 on Sagittarius A-Star, and Electric Temple Records released their first cassette, entitled Mock Load, to coincide with their Midwest / East Coast Winter 2011 tour.

Their new studio album entitled “III” which was recorded at famed Brooklyn studio, Seizure's Palace, was released on Blackest Rainbow Records in August 2011 in an edition of 500 vinyl records, and features original artwork by Jacob Magraw & Rachell Sumpter.

Andrew Barker has worked with Gold Sparkle Band, Sirone of the Revolutionary Ensemble, Daniel Carter, Roy Campbell's TAZ, Rob Brown, Chris Jonas, Sonny Simmons, Sabir Mateen, Virginia Genta, and many others.He has appeared on several recordings, including Apostolic Polyphony (with Matthew Shipp and Charles Waters) and The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra's Mayor of Punkville. In addition to several ongoing projects, Barker has also recently formed a metal band called Hallux.

Harmoniumist & electronicist Jaime Fennelly is a founding member of Peeesseye, the transatlantic amalgam of minimalist rock, noise, folk, drone, psych, improv, sound poetry, and absurdity that has produced nearly twenty releases and performed over 160 concerts in Europe and the US since forming in Brooklyn, New York in 2002.Through blending together harmonium, piano and synth drone slabs, hemorrhaging feedback and percussive tape loops, he creates music operating somewhere between a hypnotic ritual, kosmische-inspired minimalism and seriously blurred out american folk music. Releases of his various projects/bands, including Mind Over Mirrors, Peeesseye, Phantom Limb and Bison, Manpack Variant and Acid Birds can be found on labels such as Chocolate Monk, Locust Music, Utech, 8mm, Unframed, Archive, Digitalis Industries, QBICO, Smeraldina-Rima, Misanthropic Agenda and Evolving Ear.

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