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Created around 2003 in Rio de Janeiro, Acuri came to life with the intent to produce instrumental music that was essentially brazilian, but filtered by a creative vision free of stylistic frontiers, capable of compassing in a single musical concept our country’s folk music along with the most modern manifestations of contemporary musical production. From the beginning, Acuri’s pieces resulted in complex (but intuitive) compositions and arrangements, featuring a wide range of sonorities and textures, at the same time with strong national character and great universal vocation.

In search for a personal language and greater versatility within the arrangements, the initial trio gradually added new members, and after some line-up changes, it got to the present quintet configuration. The instrumentation consists on flute, saxes, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, melodica, accordion, cavaquinho and lots of percussion instruments, with the musicians taking turns on different instruments to create unusual combinations.

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Premium Profiles

Phil Allen Phil Allen
Sal La Rocca Sal La Rocca
bass, acoustic
Mark Lewis Mark Lewis
Tommy Smith Tommy Smith
sax, tenor
Fernanda Cunha Fernanda Cunha
Hilde Hefte Hilde Hefte
Norman David Norman David
sax, soprano
Erin Dickins Erin Dickins
Jen de Ness Jen de Ness
David Longoria David Longoria
Andrea Claburn Andrea Claburn
Nicolas Bearde Nicolas Bearde

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