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Adam Miller

‘His music is groove oriented, highly melodic and just plain fun. Coupled with incredible technique and a knack for writing a catchy tune, Miller has everything it takes to be a world-wide success' - GUITAR INTERNATIONAL (USA)

'Miller is an outstanding guitarist' - ACOUSTIC UK

Musicians & press all over the world are saying the same thing, “It’s only a matter of time before the world sees & hears the talent that is,Adam Miller”. It’s this talent that has seen him share the stage & guitars with Les Paul, Tommy Emmanuel, Martin Taylor, Matt Schofield, Charlie Hunter, Bruce Mathiske, Adam Levy (Norah Jones), Joe Robinson, Kevin Wilson (Stevie Wonder), the list continues...

Miller’s fourth studio album, entitled “Delayed” it ironically refers to the process of “Chasing that elusive tone in my head” and finding it in his custom built Jeff Traugott acoustic guitar. “I wasn’t going to record this album until the tone was perfect. It was a long process to find the sound, but meeting Jeff Traugott at the Montreal Guitar Festival was a pinnacle moment in that search. Of course then I had to find the perfect studio, microphones, preamps and the quest continued!”

Containing 13 original compositions, performed solo on one acoustic guitar, the album is an intricate journey of groove, precision and incredible tone. “I wanted to make something unique, an acoustic guitar album you could turn up loud and dance to! I really slaved over these songs, re-arranging and re-writing - even including a couple I’d recorded before. They’re inspired by many things - travels to America & Afghanistan, occupational hazards (‘Carpal Tunnel Syndrome‘), and one was actually written during my wedding speech!”

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