Live! Songbook Watch Party with Dominick Farinacci

Songbook Watch Party with Host Dominick Farinacci

Alan Plachta Alan Plachta

Guitar Player, composer and arranger from Buenos Aires Recently recorded in NYC his last album “Un viaje” in collaboration with Richard Nant, featuring Luis Perdomo on piano, Sam Sadigursky on reeds, Satoshi Takeishi on drums and Matt Pavolka on bass.

As a composer, arranger and conductor has worked with: Boris Big Band, Orquesta Sudamericana, Kai de Raiz, Orquesta de Cuerdas Elvino Vardado, this last one in collaboration with Juan Pollo Raffo.

Has played and/or recorded with international artists Roberto Taufic (Natal, BR), Hugo Fattoruso, Urbano Moraes, Daniel Maza (Montevideo, UR), Robert Vincs, Alex &Nilusha (Melbourne, AU), Alexandre Ribeiro, Ana Luiza /Luis Felipe Gama (Sao Pablo,BR), Nicolás Ospina (Bogotá, COL) , Jason Yeager (NY) Guillermo Klein, Argentos, Matías Mormandi, Juan Pollo Raffo, Escalandrum, Sebastián Macchi, La Bomba de Tiempo, Celeste Carballo, Ligia Piro, Liliana Herrero, Cecilia Pahl, Soledad Villamil (ARG) among others.

Projects nowadays:

Plachta y la Cocina Magnétca

Richard Nant – Alan Plachta v=PJqKfSHa_tI

Ingrid (Ezequiel Finger –vib- Richard Nant –tpt- Gabriel Spiller –dr-)

Argentos (Richard Nant –tpt-, Matías Mendez –bs- Álvaro Torres –pno- Gabriel Juncos –fl- Carto Brandan –dr-) v=5SAW7sQRX_8

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Press quotes here:
Primary Instrument


Willing to teach

Advanced only


Guitar, harmony, audioperceptive and arraingment. Lecturer of the Musical Language Technics Department, at the Tecnólogo en Jazz y Música Creativa, UTEC, Mercedes, Uruguay.



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