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Albert Marcoeur

Born on the 12th of December 1947, in Dijon (Cote-d'Or)

1958 to 1966: Studied clarinet at the National Music and Drama School of Dijon (teacher: Roger Desoomer)

“I'm glad I did it. I must have learnt a thing or two…”

1963: “First band, first gig. The clarinet on the rack of the push bike, I pedalled with my knees wide apart, to avoid getting grease on the bottom of my suit pants. And flower pots around the stage.”

1965: “Numerous contests were organised in the area. Rock bands would compete and the best one won… oh, something like 150 euros in today's money. Each band played two pieces. Equipment changes between two bands had to be done in a matter of minutes. There was no sound system facing the audience. The voice and saxophone microphones were plugged into the guitar amplifiers. What took longest were the drums: a snare drum, a cymbal, a bass drum and two nails, but it was fast enough. Sometimes we couldn't drive the nails in, if the stage was concrete or sloping. All the bands knew each other, spied on each other, were aware of their own worth. We knew that the guitarist of the Bristol's Boys had joined the Crews. We also knew that, if the Cherokees were at the next contest in Chalon-sur-Sa�'ne, we'd be defeated yet again!”

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