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Al Campos

Al Campos is the son of his late preacher father and a gospel singing mother.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Current resident of Copenhagen Denmark & Los Angeles.

Al is a singer, trombone player, songwriter, producer and arranger. He performs in the genre of Jazz, Big Band, Smooth and Funky Jazz, Soul, R&B with deep roots in Gospel music.

July 15th 2007 Al Campos released his brand new debut CD, “Old School Lovin' which is a blend of smooth & funky Jazz, soul, latin and blues.

All 11 songs were composed by Al Campos. Some songs on the album were co-written with band members, Thomas Risell (Danish bass player), Martin Finding (Danish guitar player), Daniel Fridell (Swedish keyboard player) and Michael Finding (Danish drummer).

The album was recorded in Copenhagen Denmark, mixed in Memphis Tennessee by Al Green's long time producer and songwriter, Mr. Willie Mitchell and his son Boo Mitchell.

In April 2006 Al was invited by Andraé and Sandra to sing at their church, the New Christ Memorial Church in Pacoima, CA. “That was one of the only times in my life that I was nervous and scared to say Yes to an invitation to sing. As a matter of fact I said, 'Thanks but no thanks.' I did not feel prepared but they advised me to just let the Holy Spirit guide me. I was guided all right. I sang at the church at two separate services. I definitely overcame my fear and look forward to the next invitation.” It also helped to hear Pastor Andraé tell me afterwards, “You were sangin.”

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Old School Lovin'

Old School Lovin'

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