Al Cardillo

I'm am one of the prime organizers of jazz on Long Island (New York). I have several different venues which I organize gigs for. Being a music educator on the Island does not allow me to travel freely, so instead of going on the road with varies jazz artists, I invite them to come to Long Island and work with me. Many top jazz artist have traveled out to perform with me (see web site for news features and lists of musicians). I have the most comprehensive list of Long Island and Queens jazz fans in the area. My gigs have been compared alongside most quality jazz gigs in Manhatten (without and expensive cover charge). I have a graduate degree in music and an alumnus of Berklee College in Boston. I am classically trained by a member of the New York Philharmonic. I have an extensive jazz repretoire and excellent sight reading and chart reading skills. I have extensive experience playing with a high level players. Most of my gigs are in the trio/quartet format and the pay for most of my gigs eclipse or equal the best paying rooms in NYC.


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