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Aldevis Tibaldi

Saxophone player, based in London since 2004, where I played and recorded with Jake Vegas, Ronnie King, Hot Orange Big Band, Jay Craig, Ian Pierce, Frank Griffith, Guillemots, Paloma Faith, my own sextet, Willie Garnett, Ray Gelato, Mitch Winehouse, Tatiana Okupnik, Krystyna Pronko, Stan Reynolds, Ronnie Woods....

Since 2009 resident saxophone teacher in Hampton Court House, Surrey. Visiting lecturer at the Goldsmith college and Westminster University.

Born in Trieste, attended classical studies at the Music Academy “G. Tartini”. After several experiences in theatre and classic music, developed a strong interest in jazz in 1985. After a theatre season as a stage musician in 1988, in 1990, I moved to Florence where I could work across a wider variety of music, ranging from jazz to ethnic, to rock and fusion. During those years I also played with many bands and musicians including the Michael Allen Band, “Grand Wazoo Orchestra”, Leonardo Pieri’s “Lo squalo giallo” (The Yellow Shark), Stefano Bollani and more. Baritone sax player with the OFP Orchestra S.Lazzaro in Bologna, directed, amongst the others, by Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, Steve Coleman and Bruno Tommaso. Gigs with italian TV artists, advertisement jingles and the resident band at the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia. I have also played, arranged and produced several records, including a solo album, which was released in 1998 and obtained extremely favourable international reviews

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