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I grew up in the vibrant creative scene of the San Francisco Bay Area, learning from incredible musicians as a regular student at the Stanford Jazz Workshop. I learned music largely by ear with Gordon Fels and gigged locally. I don't remember a time when I didn't play music or a time when I didn't improvise.

I left home to attend Yale University (CC '16) and performed with a number of musical groups. One of my main projects was the band Newspeak. In 2014, we recorded the album Machinery of Night with 11-time Grammy-winner Jack Renner. In 2015-6, we performed commissioned pieces at the Yale University Art Gallery, completed an artistic residency at an artist commune in Austria, and toured California and Vermont. I also sang and toured around the world with Redhot & Blue, Yale's oldest coed a cappella group. I performed solo at venues worldwide, including interpreting the life of a zenmaster through song at Rakuya Label in Tokyo.

I graduated in May of 2016 and moved to Brooklyn to begin the next phase of my musical career. I am very excited to release my solo EP Portraits Drawn Without You, also recorded by Jack Renner. In New York, I am performing at storied venues like the Cornelia St. Cafe. Playing since a young age Playing since a young age

Interpreting modern ceramic art at the Yale University Art Gallery Interpreting modern ceramic art at the Yale University Art Gallery

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