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Formed at SIR studios in New York City in November 23rd, 1997 by Chilean-Cuban drummer and composer Alejandro “Alex” Garcia, AfroMantra has been renowned for combining rich harmonies with the powerful rhythms and flavors of North and Latin America. With a contemporary outlook, AfroMantra incorporates a wide variety of jazz elements into the work, creating a palate that highlights the group’s stirring inspirations and spiritual creativity. The group skillfully balances original compositions, drawing from the Cuban, American and South American traditions and influences.

AfroMantra has been playing extensively throughout New York City and the Northeast for the past five years, performing in several Jazz Festivals in the area and hitting such venues as El Taller Latinoamericano,The Izzy Bar, 17 Main, Studio 54, Arka Lounge, Nell's, Nuyoricans Poets Café, the Jazz Gallery, Willie's Steak House, among many others. They were also featured artists on Jazz at Noon, a popular New York City jazz television show, and performed at the Chenango Valley Music Festival with Grammy nominee and Master Cuban trombonist Juan Pablo Torres. The band also appears in critically-acclaimed book Caliente ”Una historia del Jazz Latino “ by critic and writer Luc Delannoy. AfroMantra receives extensively air-play throughout the United States & Canada.

This project serves as a testament to this young, yet progressive and innovative enclave of instrumentalist

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