Alex Lefaivre

Instrument: Bass | Location: Montreal

Born: October 30, 1982

Alex Lefaivre is a bass player, composer and label owner based out of Montreal, QC, Canada.

Equally proficient on both the upright and electric bass, Alex is a fearless original known for his unique artistic voice, passionate work ethic and easy going personality. He has had the pleasure of performing with artists such as Rafael Zaldivar, Samuel Blais, Rémi Bolduc, Kalmunity, John Roney, Jacques Kuba Séguin, Paul Merkelo, Sonia Johnson, Erik Hove, Andy King and Rachel Therrien..

He will release his first album under his own name, YUL, on August 3rd 2018.

Drawing his inspiration from Montreal’s distinct urban energy, bass player Alex Lefaivre presents a series of modern jazz compositions written for some of his home town’s most original musicians, notably Erik Hove on alto saxophone, Nicolas Ferron on guitar as well as Mark Nelson on drums. The lyrical, song-like melodies develop over interesting forms that leave a lot of room for the group to interact and showcase their conversational improvisations.

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CD/LP/Track Review
  • YUL by Geno Thackara
  • YUL by Anya Wassenberg
Take Five With...
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“Practitioners of an expressive modern jazz, the members of this quartet navigate different signature meters, maintaining typical song structures. The well-established communication among them drives us safely through reliable, engaging soundscapes.” - JazzTrail

“In YUL, his compositions make good use of the power of a quartet to create multiple textures and moods, and each instrumentalist is given room to take center stage within a tight and cohesive unit. A variety of approaches and high octane musicianship keep this release fresh and interesting.” Anya Wassenberg, All About Jazz

“The recording is just excellent, and each of the players has a distinctive voice on their instrument.” - Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

“Always tasteful and tuneful, Alex Lefaivre has built a solid reputation over the past decade as one of Montreal’s go-to bassists

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