Alfonso Adan Alfonso Adan

Alfonso Adan (1976) is a European jazz guitarist, composer, and recording artist. With more than 30 years of experience as a performer, his style characterizes by a carefully crafted compositional technique where he combines elements of classical and modern music, with a strong influence and knowledge of Afro-American music and European jazz.

His great curiosity about music led him to take lessons since he was six years old. A few years later, motivated by the eagerness he had to learn more about what he liked so much, he formally began to study guitar at the music conservatory.

From a very young age, Alfonso felt identified with the sound he could get from an electric guitar, and this led him to develop a professional career along with his studies of classical music at the conservatory. With classmates from his elementary school, he formed a rock band in which they only played original music. With this band, they worked on three recording projects and performed throughout the country for more than ten years.

After graduating from the Classical Music Conservatory in classical performance, he decided to deepen his knowledge in jazz. After having auditioned for the World Tour Scholarship offered by Berklee College of Music, and been awarded a scholarship, he studied jazz performance in this university, considered the best school of modern music in the world, located in Boston, USA. After a few years during which he was working as a guitar teacher and performing with his jazz trio in different countries, he wanted to continue expanding his knowledge and studied a master degree in jazz performance at New York University.

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