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Aliceleonz (Born Alice Leony Margaretta Pangaribuan on September 16th, 1978) is an Indonesian singer, 
songwriter, music producer, multi-instrumentalist. 
 During her professional career with over 30 years of experience she has worked with a large number of musicians all over the world and has performed in different genres and languages
 giving her the nickname “a singer with many voices”, and the “angel’s voice” for her talent to arrange & create a wonderful harmonies. Some of her repertoire includes genres like jazz,
fusion, blues, funk, folk, dance, rock, pop, experimental, ethnic, R&B, Hip Hop, and classical music.

Alice Leonz was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and from an early age she started singing, due the influence of Rock & Roll music at the time, Leonz developed an interest in music and began performing in different musical groups.

She released her first album “Swinging with the Boys” in 2011, and featuring in “Hokamlo in” 2012, and she released her Christmas Album in 2013 and performing live at music events like Jimbaran Bali Indonesia, one of the biggest jazz festivals in Indonesia in 2013. She also built her own studio in Jakarta, Indonesia 
called Rodadewa (Wheel of God).

Right now Alice active as a professional session singer, songwriter and vocal arranger in music recording and performance with many difference musicians from all over the world, she is also working on her music project.


”In the subtlest manner it's like the coming together of Sade and Norah Jones. In its fullness it's the unique sound of AliceLeonz! What an amazing voice to listen to! And no hurry, you're in no hurry...beautifully paced songs! Well I certainly can't get you out of my mind!”— singer-songwriter, Durban, South Africa, Pravinand Maharaj

“Very smooth, sweet layered production..echoes of Karen Carpenter in the vocals, but the detail in the arrangements is really admirable..the horns and strings in “Not The Same” might be synthesized but they're imaginatively...”— Mike White Presents, London, UK - Artist-Musician

“Al worked with me on the lead vocal to get it just right

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