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Alida Rohr

an uninteresting person leading an uninteresting life.... I'm done. The rest is in God's hands. ....did a double major in Early Music/Lieder&Oratorio, & 3rd Stream, under Ray DeVol, Gerri Martin & Ran Blake, @ the Pipes.

My mother died in my arms @ 98 years of age & no,...I did not manage to 'get found' before she died...sorry Rose... &, as I never figured out the 'marketing thing', all my CDs are hibernating in my basement. Anyone interested in purchasing any of them can email me @

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” keep crazy for me as a ozone child.” ~Steve Vai, guitarist

“YOU SURE ARE DIFFERENT! CONGRATULATIONS- you have made a convert! ~Kenny Wheeler, trumpet/flugelhorn player

“What a voice!” ~Keith Lockhart, Boston Pops

“...there's not another singer in earshot quite like her!” ~Steve Morse ,Boston Globe

“She is gifted with one of the most remarkable instruments that I've ever heard.” ~Steve Elman, WBUR, Boston

“Creation on a mortal level is hard to come by. Alida Rohr is a creator of song styling ...who must be heard from.” ~Tony Cennamo, WBUR, Boston

“ extraordinarily gifted vocalist who can range from torchy jazz ballads to scorching rock to ethereal art eclectic stylist..” ~Jeff McLaughlin, Boston Globe

“ of the most unique voices and remarkably captivating story tellers I have heard for a long, long time

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