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Alina Brouwer

A fresh and breezy voice, one that has been compared to Brazil's Astrud Gilberto and Spain's Ana Belen and Carmen Cuesta. Alina Brouwer leads her three piece ensemble through sensuous and soulful songs full of catchy melodies and progressions, captivating unsuspecting audiences in the clubs and/or festivals where she performs. “Her songs take you through your past and present; in her voice, as well as in her music, delicious.” (Motor 16, Basque Country, Spain). She combines her own repertoire with old, and not so old, songs, and manages to come out of it splendidly.

The heir to Cuba's Lecuona and Brouwer musical dynasty, Alina studied music at the National School of Arts (ENA), and the Institute of Superior Arts (ISA) in Havana, Cuba. She went on to live in Spain, and her debut album, Razones (Nuevos Medios), received wonderful reviews. (buy it here)

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