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Alison Cecile Johns is a vocalist and composer with one foot in the world of Jazz, rock and R&B, and the other in an open field of world music and electronica. Legendary composer Pauline Oliveros praised her “spiritual voice”, and she has worked with composers as diverse as Sebastian Robin Craig, Jonas Muller, and Detroit Escalator Company's Neil Ollivierra.

“What makes a singer great is honesty, the resonance between their “outer” voice and your “inner” one,” she says. “While you have to do the hard work to develop technically and establish your own point of view, the thing that takes you, as a performer, that one step higher is in the spirit and the heart.”

Alison began playing flute and saxophone in grade school, and writes on guitar, piano and bass.

Ms Johns is in the process of completing an album with internationally renowned jazz guitarist Mimi Fox, “Come Back As A Flower,” a collection of Stevie Wonder compositions, that will be released in Summer 2010, in honor of Mr. Wonder's 60th birthday.



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