All is Dream

All is Dream by Mercury Rev

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Mercury Rev

Label: Cherry Red Records
Released: 2019
Views: 161

Track Listing

CD1: The Dark Is Rising; Tides Of The Moon; Chains; Lincoln's Eyes; Nite And Fog; Little Rhymes; A Drop In Time; You're My Queen; Spiders And Flies; Hercules. CD2: Planet Caravan (B-Side); Streets Of Laredo (B-Side); I Keep A Close Watch (B-Side); Nocturne In C# Minor, Opus 27, No.1 (B-Side); Blue Skies; Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Outtake); Spiders And Flies (John Peel Session); Gymnopedies #3 (John Peel Session); Mascara Tears (Outtake); The Brook Room (Outtake); Silver And Gold (Outtake); A Drop In Time (Demo); Where The Mountains Start To Rise (Demo); Nite And Fog (Earliest Demo); Back Into The Sun (You’re The One) (Outtake); A Quick One At Artie’s 44 (Demo); Mr. Moonlight Will Come (Outtake); Boys Choir (Outtake); Cool Waves (Outtake); Hercules (Demo). CD3: The Dark Is Rising (Dublin 10/03/01); Tides Of The Moon (Copenhagen 08/27/02); Chains (Dallas 12/07/01); Nite And Fog (Ghent 11/07/01); Lincoln’s Eyes (Lille 11/09/01); The Saw Song (Detroit 11/23/01); Planet Caravan (Munch 10/23/01); Little Rhymes (Los Angeles 12/03/01); You’re My Queen (Milano 04/13/02); Spiders And Flies (Oslo 8/30/02); Hercules (Clermont- Ferrand 4/18/02); The Jean Genie (Copenhagen 08/27/02). CD4: The Funny Bird; Tides Of The Moon; Tonite It Shows; Lincoln's Eyes; The Saw Song; You're My Queen; Goddess On A Highway; Holes; Opus 40; Spiders And Flies; The Dark Is Rising.


Additional Personnel / Information

Jonathan Donahue: words and acoustic guitar; Grasshopper: moth-light guitars; Jeff Mercel: drums and piano; Dave Fridmann: bass and Mellotron; Tony Visconti: string arrangement, Mellotron, additional orchestration; Mary Gavassi Fridmann: soprano vocals; Justin Russo: Rhodes piano; Jason Russo: electric guitar; Rex L White: pedal steel; Suzanne Thorpe: flute; Joel Eckhaus: bowed saw; Bethany Crescini: child vocals; Katie Fox: vocal; Amy Helm: vocal; Deb Curley: vocal; Marc Guy: French horn; Larry Packer: solo violin; Gregor Kitzis: violins; Sarah Adams viola; Martha Mooke: viola; Laura Seaton: viola; Maxine Neuman: cello; Aaron Hurwitz: Hammond organ.



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