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All Things in Time

All Things in Time by Dennis llewellyn Day

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Dennis llewellyn Day

Label: DDay Media
Released: 2008
Views: 888

Track Listing

Caravan 4:01 African Musing 6:14 Sister Sadie 3:46 Everything Must Change 5:13 Trouble Down Here Below 2:25 You Are Too Beautiful 4:51 Takin’ a Chance on Love 3:31 Hallelujah I Love Her So 3:09 Desifinado 4:10 Trolley Song/Get Me to the Church On Time 3:05 Blues Medley: Everyday I Have the Blues; All Right Okay You Win; Drink Muddy Water 5:02 Who Can I Turn To? 4:52 SUGGESTED TRACKS FOR AIR PLAY: 1,3,4,8,9 DENNIS DAY DISCOGRAPHY: 2008 – All Things in Time 2006 – Sunday Morning Sunshine 1999 – For Only You 1998 – Music City Soul From Nashville’s Black Cats (Track: “My Loss Your Gain,” The Jades)


Dennis llewellyn Day
Dennis llewellyn Day

voice / vocals

Album Description

DESCRIPTION: Dennis Day’s All Things in Time offers an invigorating global musical foray, fusing jazz, blues, be-bop, and ballads from the Great American Song Book into a timeless vocal/instrumental classic interpreted by a world-class ensemble. This is seasoned jazz that touches the listener’s full emotional range. Rhythmically and lyrically, Dennis Day’s voice exudes unusual warmth and intimacy, leaving his own indelible stamp and evoking repeated listening. Contemporized for the current millennium, All Things in Time is a smooth, driven album that unabashedly demonstrates why the human voice is still first among jazz instruments and why ensemble jazz remains immensely appealing. Author and jazz critic Herb Boyd writes, “When a vocalist is confident enough to record songs so strongly associated with icons of the genre, like Joe Williams, Nat King Cole, Johnny Hartman and Sammy Davis Jr., you question the bravado and wait to listen to the result of such audacity….What stands out most about this Harlem-based singer is his versatility. Day’s pleasant baritone, with dollops of second-tenor silkiness is as warm and inviting on ballads as it is bouncy and exciting on the up-tempo tunes.” The listener traverses Brazil, tasting its musical delights, then moves on to an original jazz lullaby inspired by the African continent, and then to the Mississippi Delta, London, and those evergreens of Tin Pan Alley.



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