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Allen Weber

Journeyman musician Allen Weber is another musician to emerge from Chicago’s music scene. At age 7 he learned to play piano. At age 11 he switched to trumpet. And at age 15 he finally moved to guitar, though he originally wanted to be a bass player after watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. As Weber put it “There were two guitars and only one bass, so I wanted to play bass.”

He played his first gig in a combo at age 16 for a school event and never looked back. Moving to small “hole in the wall” clubs he continued honing his musical chops, moving up the musical food chain to bigger name clubs, and small venue concerts, then on to tours in the USA and Asia including venues such as Chicago’s venerable Arie Crown Theater, and numerous recording sessions.

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Patrick Ross of The Rhythmic Lounge magazine said of Weber in an article “Allen Weber, a modern and contemporary musician who proudly upholds the jazz traditions of the past, present, and now future.”

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