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4 stars, DownBeat Magazine“Powerful singer”
JazzTimes“Light and buoyant, her voice is remarkably fresh, its purity underscored by considerable depth and sagely shaded hues”
LondonJazzNews“Marvellous articulation, great tonal accuracy, and dynamic drive”

Born in San Diego, California, multi-lingual jazz vocalist Allison Adams Tucker began singing before she could speak. Allison was raised by classically trained musical parents, and began performing in front of audiences at age 5. She studied piano, flute, violin, dance and voice from elementary school and holds a BA in Linguistics / Music Vocal Performance and an AA in Italian. Allison's vocal palette has been colored by her experience in a variety of musical genres throughout her life, from a cappella Elizabethan madrigals to punk rock to country to commercial jingles. Since 2005 Tucker has found the most natural fit to be jazz. The genre's freedom of expression and intellectual tilt were both appealing, as was its openness to absorb styles and accents from throughout the vocalist’s travels.

Growing up on the border with Mexico, Allison was exposed to intermingling cultures, and her love for languages and world cultures also began at an early age. She has studied and sings in 6 languages besides her own, lived in Japan and Spain, and has traveled to over 15 countries. This “wanderlust” is present in the music she chooses today— with rhythms, melodies, and lyrics of Brazil, Italy, France, Latin America, Japan, and the US. Why? For Allison, it’s all about the human connection, and music is the universal language.

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★★★★ “A powerful singer”
— Scott Yanow, DownBeat Magazine

“...Light and buoyant, her voice is remarkably fresh, its purity underscored by considerable depth and sagely shaded hues, suggesting Tierney Sutton by way of Karen Carpenter.”
— Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes Magazine

“Marvellous articulation, great tonal accuracy, and dynamic drive”
— John Watson, LondonJazzNews

“Rich, soothing... Tucker's lyrics and vocals have the power to enchant.”
— Woodrow Wilkins, The Jazz Writer

“Perky and upbeat…soulful.”
— George Harris for Jazz Weekly

“A voice that's as soft as twilight and as enchanting as twinkling stars.” “...lustrous in any language

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Primary Instrument

Voice / vocals


San Diego


Bachelor of Art degree in Linguistics with Minor in Music Vocal Performance. Over 20 years of teaching experience abroad and in the U.S. Specializing in jazz, pop, musical theater, R&B, blues, country, and children's music for students of all levels and ages with focus on vocal health, range and control development, breath support, performance, and music theory.

Clinic/Workshop Information

Finding Your True Voice: Relaxed, Flexible, & Beautiful! Clinic focusing on vocal health, releasing of vocal tension, and honing vocal timbre and control through Stretching, Breathing, and Workout concepts and exercises.



Album WANDERlust by Allison Adams Tucker


Origin Records

Album April in Paris by Allison Adams Tucker

April in Paris

Allegato Music

Album Come With Me by Allison Adams Tucker

Come With Me

Allegato Music



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