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The Al Scott Trio features HENRY GILBERT on Double Bass & MARCO QUARANTOTTO on Drums.

The Trio recorded their first album together called 'Introducing the Al Scott Trio' which was released November 2011. The album is available for digital download on this website.

Recently I had the good fortune to walk into a jazz bar and catch another performance by the Al Scott Trio

Having seen him once before I felt lucky to have returned weeks later and caught his next gig. Even before considering his musical talent, it's a pleasure to see him perform. I think a profoundly deaf individual would still be able to enjoy Al. He reminds me somewhat of the young Daniel Tammet (a maths genius), in that when he talks about his performance he is exceedingly humble and unassuming, even though a moment before his skill was just impressing the shit out of you. He could get away with putting on airs and graces if he so wished, but that's simply not Al's disposition at all.

I found him very approachable and warm, and I imagine that as his talent is more widely recognised he will do well to have a dependable group of friends that give him some respite from what is bound to be a great deal of attention in the world of music.

That it tends to receive significantly less commercial recognition than other musical forms is probably what has been Jazz's best friend in terms of filtering out people who are purely in it for fame and fortune

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Introducing the Al Scott Trio

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The Feeling

Al Scott
Introducing the Al Scott Trio