Alvari Lume

free improviser guitarist. born 1970 in Helsinki, Finland

“Alvari Lume’s music is an emotional stream in constant evolution,” says Italian composer, Emiliano Pietrini , who records under the name, Globoscuro, “Alvari’s radical improvisation is like an illumination. Images and sensations evolving according to the rhythm that explodes from the heart of the performer. A perpetual motion of inspiration. What you hear is a kind of struggle: The thoughts expressed by each instrument fighting among themselves. But it is a harmonic struggle harmonic. A quiet chaos…a shiny madness.”

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FINLAND: Alvari Lume, free improviser, composer

Posted: August 13, 2011 by Deanna Elaine in ALVARI LUME, Deanna Elaine Piowaty, Experimental Music, Interview, Music Reviews

“I hear colors,” says free improviser guitarist and composer, Jaakko Savolainen. “White is a tense sound. Like waiting for something. Black is very slow and the lowest sound. Red has everything inside of it. Think of all possible feelings with their widest possible meanings! Passion!”

No surprise that this Finnish musician who records under the name, Alvari Lune, is also a painter. But Savolainen says that while he typically painted with vibrant colors when he was young, eventually the intense hues became too much for him

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