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Always Know Monk

Always Know Monk

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Yves Marcotte

Label: Self Produced
Released: 2018
Duration: 00:36:35
Views: 191

Track Listing

Criss Cross/Misterioso; San Francisco Holiday/Let's Cool One; Shuffle Boil/Rhythm-a- ning/Thelonious; Introspection/Light Blue; Oska T; Children's Song/Gallop's Gallop; Pannonica


Yves Marcotte : b, arr; Shems Bendali : tpt, flh; Zacharie Canut : ts, as; Nathan Vandenbulcke : d

Album Description

Listen/buy on Bandcamp : Recorded in one day in december 2016, the group’s debut album is a first milestone in the life of a band, the birth of a sound, a common sense of groove and music. The group’s effort crystallizes on arrangements that are both demanding and open to what’s happening in the moment. Most of the tune played here, such as Shuffle Boil, Introspection and Gallop’s Gallop are some of the less played of Monk’s tunes, and those who are well known (like Criss Cross and Pannonica) appear here in slightly different forms. The album was recorded and mixed by Benoît Corboz at Studio du Flon (Lausanne) and mastered by Emil Spanyi (LDF Studios Paris). The artwork is by Renan Richard-Kobel.

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