Andrea Centazzo

Andrea Centazzo

Instrument: Percussion | Location: Los Angeles

Updated: May 16, 2020

During his artistic career that spans over 30 years, composer, conductor, percussionist and video artist Andrea Centazzo has given more than 1500 concerts and live performances in Europe and the United States, as well as appeared and performed on numerous radio and television broadcasts worldwide. In 1976 he founded ICTUS records one of the first independent labels for jazz and avant-garde. The label closed down in 1984 due to financial problems and it was resuscitated in 2004 in Long Beach California. Now all the ICTUS catalogue is on sale on the ICTUS site and bandacamp page.

In 2011, his alma mater, the University of Bologna (Italy) honored him by establishing the “Fondo Centazzo” section of the University Library, where all his musical works are housed and made available to students, scholars and musicians.

He has recorded over 170 LP's and CD's, and has authored 550 compositions mostly published by Warner Chappell (ranging from opera and symphony to solo works) and eight musicology books. He has performed at festivals, concert seasons and theaters as soloist and conductor of his compositions conducting the American Youth Symphonic Orchestra, the LA Contemporary Orchestra, the Mittleuropa Orchestra, the ER Youth Symphonic Orchestra and many Ensembles. He also directed and staged his operas as well theatrical plays of other US authors. His opera TINA was highly acclaimed in Italy as well in California

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Andrea Centazzo ICTUS BOX SET has been nominated Best Box Set of 2006 by journalists of the American Jazz Critics Association “... As a whole, the ICTUS Records’ 30th Anniversary Collection is a fascinating compilation with hours of special moments.

It is an important, if not essential collection, featuring an incredible array of talent, and priced as an extraordinary value. Reflecting the tastes and performances of Italian composer and percussionist Andrea Centazzo, the 12- CD boxed set gloriously presents an eclectic and highly individual selection of free improvisation.” Steven Loewy (CADENCE, January 2007)

Andrea Centazzo Mitteleuropa Orchestra Sort of like Braxton meets Xenakis meets Zappa!..

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