Andrea Claburn

Instrument: Vocalist

Born in Baltimore, Maryland to a classical pianist mother and a jazz aficionado father, Andrea Claburn knew what she wanted to do by the age of four. “I started begging my mother to let me to take piano lessons. She would play Chopin and Beethoven, and I would go to the piano when she was done and try to recreate what I’d heard. I wanted to play so badly.” Her mother finally relented when Andrea reached the ripe old age of six. “My mom was very smart. She said, ‘you’re not ready’ when I was in preschool. She was the opposite of a pushy stage mom. By making me wait to study piano, she made it clear that it was a privilege and I should treat it accordingly.” Meanwhile, her father introduced her to his favorite jazz artists: Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, the MJQ, Bill Evans. “I have no memory of not knowing every song on Kind of Blue” she says. “It’s like it was part of my DNA. That album, along with another of my Dad’s favorites, Time Out, were both released in 1959 when he was a young man and everything was possible, and I think they were sort of the soundtrack of his youth – and, consequently, of mine.”

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• Bachelor of Music, California Jazz Conservatory. • Bachelor of Arts, University of California, Berkeley. • Vocal Faculty, California Jazz Conservatory and Jazzschool Community Music School, Berkeley, CA. • Private vocal studio, San Francisco, CA. Areas of expertise as an educator include:vocal technique; improvisation; performance and interpretation; charts and arranging; music theory and notation. Available time slots and hourly rates for private and semi-private lessons available upon request.