Andre Bush

Guitarist and composer André Bush draws inspiration from a wide range of influences in his music. He combines the lyrical and creative approach of modern jazz heroes such as Wayne Shorter, Keith Jarrett and Pat Metheny with the high-energy grooves and complex sonic structures of innovate guitarists such as John McLaughlin, Scott Henderson and Nguyen Lé. In addition to a thorough grounding in the jazz tradition, his extensive experience in the world of rock and pop give him a unique musical outlook. André’s playing seamlessly reconciles these disparate worlds and establishes his conception as a natural and logical extension of the jazz guitar tradition.

André’s new album, Start From Silence, pairs André with master pianist Art Lande and an all-star band performing his complex yet accessible compositions. Challenging rhythms, beautiful harmony, poignant lyricism, and brilliant improvisation combine to create a cohesive and unique album.

Start From Silence follows up Invisible City (Quicksilver/Increase,) an album that featured jazz icons Dave Liebman and Steve Smith. Invisible City emerged as one of the most critically acclaimed releases of 2000, named “CD of the Year” by the Jazz Review, and was added to hundreds of jazz radio stations nationwide, appearing on both CMJ and Gavin jazz charts.

André recently authored Modern Jazz Guitar Styles (Mel Bay Publications.) A unique book and CD package, Modern Jazz Guitar Styles provides the serious student or professional seeking to broaden his palette with a comprehensive overview of the current state of jazz guitar. Throughout, the book places recent innovations within the context of the jazz guitar tradition, and includes study material designed to help you develop a creative and individual approach to both standards and original material.

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Album Start from Silence by Andre Bush

Start from Silence

Odd Culture Productions


Invisible City

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