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Andres Corredor

Guitarist from Bogotá, Colombia (1990). Started playing guitar at 13, learning by his own with some help from music teachers from his school. Heavily influenced by rock and blues, he studied like this all the way through high school. In 2009 enters District University Arts Faculty (ASAB), where he got to know jazz; his musical imaginary began to fit together. Later he would fall in love with the folkloric music from Colombia, completing the influences tree that makes for his sound and composing.

He studied with masters David Castelblanco, Óscar Portillo, Ronald González, Pablo Beltrán, Patricio Stiglich, Juan Carlos Castillo, and Rafael Vallejo. Big Band ASAB member from 2010 to 2012. Has participated as guitarist in a variety of projects including genres such as jazz, pop, rock, hip-hop, bolero, reggae, funk, folk, both as an active member and sessionist.

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Primary Instrument

Guitar, electric

Willing to teach

Intermediate to advanced