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My grandpa was spent the majority of his life gigging as a guitarist while supporting his family. when I was 6 or so I wanted to play guitar like him. My mom said take a year of piano first. Fought it every step. Finally was allowed to try to learn guitar, unfortunately I'm terrible at guitar, and it never stuck. 5th grade rolls along and I pick up trumpet. 8th grade rolls along and the band teacher wants some of the 15 trumpets to switch instruments, I got moved to french horn, which I played for the all of high school. my first exposure to jazz was when I played in the jazz band my 9th grade year, which was still at the junior high and not the high school. All through high school I listened to jazz all the time and played it as much as a could. Sang in the top choirs at my school including the jazz choir, and enjoyed it all the time. Been at college and still am, was a music major for one semester, decided I don't like learning classical theory. So here I am listening and playing in everything I can. Enjoying every minute of it.

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I've been commended by many great instrumentalists for my sense of improvising, including such great artists as Scott Whitfield and Bruce Forman. That is no exhaustive list, but I want you to know that I know what I'm hearing. I also understand that I am not some huge name in jazz. So if you want some really cheap lessons, They are $10 an hour over skype If you happen to be in southern Idaho we can hopefully arrange something in person

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